To the best of my ability I’d like to increase my efforts to do the things for which I have a passion. Currently I am eating a hard-boiled egg sandwich at The Waschsalon.

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  1. Oh yeah, I made an incredibly lackluster potato curry dish in my Instant Pot last night. Scratch that recipe from my archives… 😕

  2. ITP Lurker says:

    What are those things?

    • I was going to be coy and say “you’ll see”, but here is to what I am referring: things I have mentioned and lamented not doing — programming, photography, exercise, attending live music, etc. I have made progress with things like cooking, and hashing (this is exercise, right?), and even reading to some extent, and want to continue these too.

      And if I can accomplish these in the company of others it’ll be even more rewarding for me.

      • steve says:

        Good for you!

        And speaking of music, the passing of Aretha and all the tributes are so touching. Such a talent. The video from a Kennedy Center Honors of her singing “Natural Woman” is an absolute show stopper. The Obama’s are rocking out.

        (and I know we don’t really get political here, but I saw a meme the other day- “President Obama, please come home. The baby sitter is weird”.)

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Kudos to you for not being coy. At the risk of being preachy (I’m trying to get beyond that phase) I’ve found intention setting to be incredibly powerful. Writing down what you want, especially in public, gets a bit of momentum going, and puts you a step closer to it.

        The older I get, the more elusive the headspace for programming gets for me. There’s so many rough edges in my content management system for my teaching work that are like death by 1,000 cuts. But it works enough for me to get by, so there’s that.

        Summer Shade Festival is next weekend, lots of pretty good, and free, live music. Grant Park Crit occurs tomorrow. I have a front row seat from my porch.

        Oh yeah, and I second what Steve said about eggs and laundry. 🏆

        • Just yesterday I thought about the lack of an East Atlanta Crit again. This is the second year without one, and I miss it.

          • ITP Lurker says:

            I hear ya. I look forward to the Grant Park Crit months in advance. I think it started the year I moved to this house, or maybe a year or so after.

          • Steve says:

            Ooh, ooh… the crit is TONIGHT in Hapeville!! I forgot to mention it. I was asked to work it, but I’ve got a change to install starting at 5. Until earlier this week it was supposed to start at 8!!!

            South of the tracks by the big church. You can’t miss it.

      • Stacy Fox says:

        Hahahahaha I literally read that as two of your passions are eating hard boiled egg sandwiches and visiting wash salons.

  3. Steve says:

    Hard boiled eggs and dirty laundry. I suggest setting your goals higher.

    I rode almost 20 last night. As I aired up my tires before the ride, I noticed my front brake was dragging. After a slight adjustment, I was off. I just joined on the ride by Roy G. Biv, as the rain that was moving away formed a lovely rainbow (which I just remembered to add to the book of faces.). And did you know that slightly damp sand is a kin to riding in mashed potatoes? I was slogging so badly I thought I had a flat, and stopped to check! Got home and damn if my brake wasn’t still dragging!!

    Otherwise, it was a quiet night as Debbie had a massive migraine, to the point of suggesting the ER. Fortunately, the good meds kicked in…


    • It has been a productive morning!

      👍🏻 for your exercise. The lack of time and motivation has led me to a week of laziness. 👎🏻 for my lack of exercise.

  4. Well, necessity is going to be the mother of my invention now that my password generator app no longer works. I guess its certificate expired, so I will have to revisit the app to get it running again.

  5. Barb says:

    busy morning (well, no time to check in here until now)
    I think I got my closet almost organized last night – we have too many parts that can’t be returned that I’m not using, but now need some other parts we have to go buy. (Damn Closetmaid)

    Weekend is supposed to be rainy because we are planning to go to Ellijay to tube the Cartacay. You know its gonna storm now. So – I told Allan, we’d go winery hopping if it rains.
    May got to Hash Happy Hour tonight – MC is giving me the strong arm.
    Sunday- most likely Black Sheep, it is in the ‘hood, and I’m curious if my house is a beer stop (or hell – maybe the end, knowing these hares, they might not ask……..)

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Forgiveness rather than permission is a mantra for me. 😉

    • I’ll be at Black Sheep on Sunday, and there is a possibility I will be at SoCo tonight because it’s starting at Constitution Lakes (surprise surprise).

      • Stacy Fox says:

        I will not be at SoCo tonight….as I will be ON A FARM! In northern Florida! With sheeps and goats and turkeys and ALPACAS. [yes I know sheeps isn’t pluralized that way; it’s just more fun to say] 😉

        Heading down to the coast for a long weekend and was going to just set out tomorrow morning but then found this Airbnb that I could not resist. It’s in Lee, Florida. Where’s Lee, Florida? Who the hell knows! But it HAS ALPACAS. omg I need a picture with an alpaca.

  6. ITP Lurker says:

    A bit of programming humor for a Friday: https://i.redd.it/qlqb8ch1sdg11.jpg (Apologies to Barb, probably just as well if you can’t see it). 😉

  7. Bonnie says:

    Is a hard boiled egg sandwich an egg salad sandwich? Regardless, eggs (all formats) are one of the things I miss the most since I began my vegan diet in 2006. Killing time at the hotel before a riverboat dinner cruise (AKA the rehearsal dinner) tonight. The menfolk are off riding go-karts. Last night I had a delicious wild mushroom and arugula vegan pizza and a local Surly IPA. A 10” pizza is a “personal” pizza, right? I forgot I still need to fit into two dresses during this trip. And I forgot again at breakfast this morning, oops.

    • My hard boiled egg sandwich didn’t have mayonnaise, so no it wasn’t egg salad?

      And yes, a 10” pizza is “personal” especially since I am not getting into dresses. 🙂

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Um, without mayonnaise or some other “glue” wouldn’t the egg just fall out of the bread? I missed the sandwich part, thought you were eating a plain egg. I just can’t wrap my head around a “hard-boiled egg sandwich.”

        • Sorry for the confusion I caused, there is a photo on Instagram; I didn’t put it on Flickr so I couldn’t show it here. I tore the roll open, but not completely, making a canoe in which I smushed my hard boiled egg. Then I ate it as a sandwich.

    • Barb says:

      where did I see you are – Coon Rapids?
      which of the 10,000 lakes are you cruising on tonight?
      when we were in Minneapolis, we were on the southern side on the city, near the Mall of America. (which I refused to go to – its too damn big!)

      and yes – 10″ pizza can be a personal size if you want it to be.

      • Bonnie says:

        Barb: riverboat cruise will be on the Mississippi River in St. Paul. The rest of the wedding activities were / will be north or northeast of downtown Minneapolis. The hotel is in Coon Rapids, dinner last night was in Roseville (incorrectly tagged on some social media). I’ve been to the Mall of America many times, I was there briefly yesterday to eat lunch in-between airport arrivals. I’ve never seen so many kids in strollers in my life! I couldn’t even maneuver in the bathroom because they clogged up the entire area!

  8. Jenka says:

    We will most likely be at the GP Crit tomorrow, later rather than earlier as I have to work in the afternoon. And possibly Summer Shade. Since we moved out of Grant Park we still try to keep up appearances there, but it’s hard since we’re so far away. (That’s a joke, we live in Candler Park which is like 3 miles from GP.)

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