Perhaps the thing I like most about not being a full-time vegetarian is having the option to order meat when it sounds good. Such was the case last night when I ordered the bbq pork egg rolls at the Yacht Club for dinner.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 209.2 pounds (-2.8 from last week’s weigh-in). Headed back in the direction I want to go.

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  1. Steve says:

    My lack of consistent exercise keeps my weight bouncing. I’m trying to reduce the volume through my pie hole and sometimes that works.

    My plan to mow pasture last night was foiled by the rain. We watched a stupid funny movie, probably straight to video variety, “The Heat” with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bulloch. We watched another Melissa McCarthy movie on Sunday that just had us cracking up. “Spy”. Oddly, enough blood and gore to make Debbie turn away for a second, but still very funny.

    Appointment to get my bridge re-installed this afternoon. Living the dream.


    • I know that I am in the minority, but I don’t think Melissa McCarthy is funny and therefore avoid all of her movies.

      I’m still having mouth issues but nothing consistent enough to warrant dental attention.

    • Barb says:

      I’m with Paulie – in general I’m not a Melissa McCarthy fan. The Heat was in the theatres for the normal amount of time – I’d never pay to see that one, even though I do like Sandra Bulloch.

      • Stacy Fox says:

        I saw The Heat in the theater because a friend had a free pass. And it was a theater you could drink in. So that probably helped a lot. I’m with y’all on Melissa McCarthy, but I sure did like her portrayal of Sean Spicer on SNL

  2. Steve says:

    We just stumbled on ” Spy”- my (our?) only other exposure was the show “Mike and Molly” which I never thought much of.

  3. Barb says:

    Did you hash last night? Was that the Monday night ending?

    We ate a Paul’s Pot Pie that I had in the freezer, I thought it would be a traditional chicken pot pie, but it was closer to a Brunswick stew filling. I’m not sure if it was mis-labeled – or did I buy a special that day I was there? I have no idea.
    It was very good – just not what we were expecting.

    Started watching Black Mirror on Netflix – weird show. 2 episodes so far, not sure what its trying to do yet – so far, just weird as hell.

    • I did hash last night; mostly road, ended at the Yacht Club. I almost ordered a brisket burrito, but went “smaller” with the bbq pork egg rolls.

      I don’t think I’d enjoy Black Mirror, it’s too “out there” for me.

    • Stacy Fox says:

      Well, except for that first pig episode.
      Watch “White Bear” – it’s amazing.
      The nice thing about the show is that each episode is its own so you can watch in any order that you want.

      • Barb says:

        yes – that pig episode, for the 1st one, was a bit crazy. Allan was like…… why would he do that???? WHY?
        That’s why I said we had to watch the 2nd one – but it was just as weird, in a whole different way. I’ll give me a few more episodes.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Tried Black Mirror, got through the pig episode and a couple others and dropped out. The one where everyone has a chip inside them that can play back where they were recently still haunts me. I loved the Twilight Zone, and have seen every single episode, but Black Mirror is a bridge too far.

        Separately, is anyone watching Castle Rock on Hulu? It’s an homage to Stephen King, and some of the best TV I’ve seen in a long time. JJ Abrams (who did Lost) is in charge, and considers himself a King superfan. To me it’s as good as the early Sopranos episodes, and as good as Breaking Bad, but far less violent, it leans much more toward suspense and the supernatural.

        • Barb says:

          hmmm – sounds very interesting.
          Allan loves Stephen King.
          My Hulu icon disappeared from My Sony Smart TV – how do I get into Hulu now? (I’m not a techie person)
          I was using my friends account – because I don’t’ feel the need to pay for Hulu (and she uses my Netflix)

          • ITP Lurker says:

            I’m assiduously avoiding “Smart TVs” so I’m afraid I can’t help you. But I’m sure a quick Google search would help you restore it.

            If Allan loves Stephen King, he’ll love this show. It’s not about any one book, but has little tiny references to a lot of books sprinkled throughout. It’s really well done.

            I only subscribe to Hulu when there’s something I want to watch, like The Handmaid’s Tale, and now Castle Rock. I’ll cancel Hulu when Castle Rock ends, it’s easy enough to sign up again when something else surfaces.

          • Barb says:

            I’m just lazy on the Hulu thing, I’ll figure it out eventually. I just need someone figure it out & re-set it for me.

          • Barb says:

            have you ever watched Bosch on Amazon Prime? They do the same with that show, lots of parts of many Michael Connelly books made into a slightly different story line. We really enjoyed all the seasons.

          • ITP Lurker says:

            I *love* Michael Connelly’s books, and have read all of his fiction stuff, but Bosch the TV show just didn’t work for me. Finding TV shows that work for me is a bit like threading a needle. If you do get Hulu, The Handmaid’s Tale is extremely well done (and feels not so far-fetched all given our current government). Also I’m very much enjoying You’re The Worst.

  4. Debbie Brady says:

    In general I think Melissa McCarthy relies more on being obnoxious than any acting chops. The Spy cracked me up because it was over the top campy. The Heat wasn’t as funny – heavier on the obnoxious.

    Heading to Savannah tomorrow for a conference with my septic tank installer group. Let the poop jokes begin!

  5. Bonnie says:

    TTotT *fist bump* Paulie. I gained 1.5 (more) pounds in Minneapolis, but I guess I can’t bitch about it after scoffing at you last time 😁. Glad to be home after airport weather delays and getting in my bed at 3:45 A.M.

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