How cool is it to be in a bar watching USA Soccer and have Atlanta United superstar Josef Martinez walk in? I don’t know because I left about three minutes before this happened at RiRa last night. My friend Shelby sent me photographic proof. DANGEN!

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  1. Wow, after nineteen years Horizon Theater is changing its Christmas show from “The Santaland Diaries” to “Waffle Palace Christmas”. I must admit that”The Santaland Diaries” was not nearly as enjoyable once David Sedaris’s people forced them to make it a one-man-only-speaking play a couple of years ago.

    • Bonnie says:

      I’ve never heard of “Waffle Palace Christmas.” Memphis has always done the one-man-show version of “The Santaland Diaries”—that’s how I know it and like it. Wow, Martinez! 😮😢 Too bad.

      • “Waffle Palace” was written and produced locally, and performed at Horizon for the past few years. I guess they are going to throw in Christmas references this year.

        For many years Horizon performed “The Santaland Diaries” as an ensemble of about four/five performers and it was a hoot.

        • Barb says:

          I saw Waffle Palace, maybe even with you. I think it could easily be adapted over to a Christmas play.
          Too bad about Santaland Diaries – but oh well……. gotta do what the playwright says.

  2. steve says:

    Sing it with me… All my bags are packed. I’m ready to go…

    Waiting on the 10:00 departure to DEN, pick up a mini van and 2 more refs, then drive to COS.

    I finished my chores last night and had just fed the horses when the skies opened up. Rained like a MF for at least an hour. Still dripping when I put them out.

    Still not sure how I get Precheck more often than not. I didn’t even have a line and had to slow the TSA agent as I didn’t have my ID ready. Wow.

    More later.


    • Stacy Fox says:

      I did sing it with you. 🙂

      • barb says:

        I sang along too.
        Steve – are you getting more training?
        Never rained at all in Marietta.
        tonight – the trap does back out – we won’t be happy unril we catch a raccoon.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Yikes, I had to look that one up. I think I’ve mentally blocked that song from hearing it too many times over the years. This one is more my speed:

      Leavin’ home, out on the road
      I’ve been down before

      • Stacy Fox says:

        I had to look THAT one up. 🙂
        I’ve never been a big fan. I think it was just played too much on rotation when I was growing up that I got sick of them.

      • barb says:

        I’m not a big Steve Miller fan – if I remember right – he was terrible in concert when I was in high school or college – I think he was drunk or high on stage.

      • ITP Lurker says:

        I think Steve Miller works for me because the songs of his that I like best came out before my childhood took a particularly bad turn. Gotta take one’s bright spots in life where one can find it.

        But yes, I get it about bad shows. Two shows that particularly disappointed me were Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits) at Chastain and Bob Dylan in Chattanooga. Dylan was PAINFUL that night. Knoplfer’s guitar sounded good at least but he mumbled through the night. I didn’t go to any concerts for a couple of years after that experience.

      • My disappointment show was Smashing Pumpkins, Birmingham AL, 1993. I was so psyched since as this was the “Siamese Dream” tour. I was so bored.

        The disappointment combined with living in Huntsville at the time made me decide to pass on seeing Nirvana in Birmingham a few weeks later. Had I only known…

        • ITP Lurker says:

          Ouch on Nirvana.

          A ticket to see what became Prince’s next to last show ever fell into my lap. I had to jump through a couple of hoops to make that work, but man, I’m eternally grateful that I did. He was so alive that night, then 3 days later he wasn’t.

  3. barb says:

    I can’t wait to tell my ATL UTD fanatic friends about Josef – they will be mad they weren’t there.
    where is RiRa?

    • RiRa is at the corner of Crescent and 12th in midtown. On normal Tuesday nights my friend Shelby and I walk there and have a couple of beers after German class. I worked until about 8:30pm last night getting the “XYZ Corp” iOS app ready for iOS 12 so I missed German class last night and met Shelby at the bar. Missing Martinez was the capper on the evening I suppose…

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Josef who? 😜⚽️

  4. bob says:

    What a bummer, I would have loved to bump in to Martinez. I am not a huge sportball fan but have jumped on the ATL UTD bandwagon since getting season tickets.

  5. HamWithCam says:

    Today’s trivia question:
    Q: Who wrote “Leaving on a Jet Plane?”

    a) Mary Travers (Peter, Paul and Mary)
    b) Pete Seeger
    c) Henry Deutschendorf, Jr.
    d) Frank Sinatra

    BTW: I’m with Lurker:
    “Josef who?”

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

  6. HamWithCam says:

    Nope and nope.
    (One of the answers is correct.)

    Hint: What was “Elton John’s” real name?

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

  7. HamWithCam says:

    …not Pete Seeger.

    Obscure hint:
    “The original title of the song was “Babe, I Hate to Go”, as featured on (a) 1966 studio album…”

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

  8. HamWithCam says:

    The correct answer is…..c) Henry Deutschendorf, Jr.

    Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. was known professionally as John Denver.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

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