Went over to my friend Betsy’s house last night to watch the movie “The Big Short” (this was her idea). Her internet has been out all week, so I rented and then downloaded the movie to my iPad so I could play it on her tv. Along with the movie I brought over two Hungry Man dinners (beer battered “chicken” with mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables, and a brownie), a bag of salad mix, corn for popping, and some Twizzlers. Oh, and a bottle of white wine. All of this was shoved into a backpack as I decided to ride my bicycle to her house.

Given the movie was about the 2007 financial crisis we agreed to eat a throwback dinner on the cheap, hence the Hungry Man dinners. I hadn’t eaten one in decades, and probably won’t eat another again.

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  1. Yesterday I also learned that Taco Mac’s black bean burger is not worth the calories. I really wanted to eat an order of grilled chicken nachos, but TM now publishes calorie counts and that meal weighs in at about 1950 calories. 😮 That is why I ate the burger, which with fries has about half that, instead.

  2. Steve says:

    Good very early morning from Co. Springs. As my body is still east coast, I went ahead and got moving. USAC rented a house and has piled most of the officials in it. One is local, so he’s home and one is South of Denver, so went home last night. Adults in bunk beds and one small bathroom.

    The velodrome was once outdoor, and now has been covered by an inflated cover. The passageway is an air lock. Very odd to me.

    I never thought of a theme “date” quite like that. Please tell me this wasn’t Betsy’s idea?


      • barb says:

        that is totally a Betsy idea.
        Twizzlers – YUM!
        I’m currently addicted to Bit O Honey’s – I bought way too large of a bag at Tuesday Morning, and they are still fresh, so they aren’t as sticky & I’m not so worried about pulling a crown off.
        So- I’ve been eating way too many of them.

  3. Stacy Fox says:

    Oh the Hungry Man! I remember them from back in the day. My favorite was the fried chicken with mashed potato, corn and brownie. *grin* In my nostalgia, it is absolutely delicious! Which is why I won’t have it again because I’m sure it’s not.

    However, I have had a pot pie or two recently. Them are still awesome. 🙂 I remember there used to be a pot pie that had a layer of mashed potatoes on top, but I don’t remember what brand it was and I haven’t been able to find it in years. I miss that pot pie.

    Well, dagnabitt. Now I’m hungry.

    • Steve says:

      Sounds like a Sheppard pie. And I just laughed out loud.

      Just looking at the weather. Now a cat 2 but still looking to turn left and head our way. Ick.

      • I’m just hoping the storm doesn’t fuck up the Urban Explorers hiking day at Sweetwater Creek State Park on Saturday.

        • Stacy Fox says:

          Yeah. Kinda exactly like Sheppard pie, only it was really just a normal chicken pot pie but with potatoes on top. I think Sheppards has to be ground beef or lamb? I dunno. I could just be making that up.

          Current forecasts shows us getting rain on Sunday but still okay on Saturday, Paulie!

          • Bonnie says:

            But then Black Sheep may be fucked up! 😕

          • Black Sheep will run through hell or high water, just no longer in lightning.

          • Bonnie says:

            Paulie, I didn’t say canceled, I said fucked up :). As I’ve mentioned, I actually don’t mind hashing in the rain, but I probably have my limits :). And yes I am scared of lightening. But, I haven’t checked the forecast details so I don’t know how much rain or what type of storms may be expected… Since it’s never correct anyway, I guess I’ll probably find out on trail :).

          • barb says:

            Shepherds (I think the correct spelling) Pie I think was designed as a way to used leftovers, or that’s how I was always told. I have used many different kinds of meat (not lamb, I just have never bought lamb) usually ground beef or Italian sausage, occasionally ground pork. I make it when I have leftover mashed potatoes.
            now I need to see if I have some of that in the freezer.

          • barb says:

            Has the Black sheep start been posted yet?
            we may be there.
            I went out for a walk after work last night, got poured on for about 5-10 minutes, but starting in the rain is hard for me. Once I’m out there, I totally don’t care.

          • No BS start yet. And, it’s advertised as “Baahtoberfest” so I am not even sure who the hares are.

          • barb says:

            I think Marty (Butt Pipe) is the hare. I now remember Sal saying she will miss his trail (she’s going out to Utah or somewhere)

    • Bonnie says:

      TV dinner nights were a *big deal* in my childhood. We were so excited. And Lurker, we called them TV dinners too 🙂.

  4. HamWithCam says:

    COS is cool, in the late summer/early fall.

    Try to get by the Air Force Academy, if time permits:

    “In 1949, Albert and Meyer Bernstein organized Frozen Dinners, Inc., which packaged frozen dinners on aluminum trays with three compartments. They sold them under the One-Eyed Eskimo label, and only to markets in the Pittsburgh area. By 1950, the company had produced over 400,000 frozen dinners. Demand continued to grow, and in 1952 the Bernstein brothers formed the Quaker State Food Corporation. They expanded distribution to markets east of the Mississippi. By 1954, Quaker State Foods had produced and sold over 2,500,000 frozen dinners!

    The concept really took hold in 1954 when Swanson’s frozen meals appeared. Swanson was a well-known brand that consumers recognized, and Swanson launched a massive advertising campaign for their product. They also coined the phrase TV Dinner, which helped to transform their frozen meals into a cultural icon.”

    Hungry Man! Chicken with mashed potatoes was my favorite as well.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

    • ITP Lurker says:

      I’ll just keep my negative comments about frozen dinners to myself. But, what a fun concept for an evening. To me it falls into the category of doing something to remind oneself of why we don’t do that something. 😁

      • To be fair I love hanging out with Betsy and her remaining dog Bella, and I thought the movie was really good. Hungry Man however…

        • ITP Lurker says:

          To be clear, I’m not dissing Betsy’s idea at all. Truly, it was a clever idea for an evening, and I would have bought into it as well. I’m just saying that eating a TV dinner reminds oneself why one doesn’t eat TV dinners, that’s all. 🙂

          And yeah, I’m dating myself by calling them TV dinners, cuz that’s how it’s burned into my brain. 🙂

          Since I’m here, holy shit, 1950 calories for grilled chicken nachos? Talk about a Trojan horse of a meal. “Oh, it has GRILLED chicken, that looks healthy.” NOT!

          And kudos for sneaking in a bike ride to Betsy’s.

  5. And not to pimp my only other active social media account, @insideperimeter on Instagram, but there are photos of the box and prepared meal there.

    I suppose Flickr is still social media like, but I try to limit the photos posted there.

    • Barb says:

      Now this make me want to start an Instagram account…….. LOL
      I know I should be on there- but just haven’t decided to waste more of my time staring at my phone or iPad……… someday……..

  6. barb says:

    I really enjoyed The Big Short –
    I haven’t had a TV dinner since childhood, and I dont’ remember them being any good then either.
    BUT – I do love me some chicken pot pie – in fact – I love most any pot pie.
    I do go buy expensive pot pies from Paul’s Pot Pies on the Marietta Square – and occasionally an Australian meat pie from the Australian Bakery.
    And – I have 1 in the freezer – might have to have that tonight now!

  7. ITP Lurker says:

    Bonnie, they showed up way too often on my mother’s path of least resistance to feeding the damn children. I’m still scarred from salisbury steak! :-0 But yes, in moderation I can see them being fun. At least the baked apples always tasted good. 🙂

    So, Paulie, what’s next, an evening with Spaghettios? 😉 Watch out for the “meatballs”, I *think* those would make it a meat day.

    • Franco American FTW!

      Seriously, next week one of the hashers is having a potluck dinner with the theme of “Family Traditions”. This got me thinking about what I ate as a kid and reeled in horror thinking about the number of TV dinners, frozen pizzas, and Spaghetti-Ohs I ate growing up. Good thing I had those Flintstone vitamins to keep me healthy! 😂

  8. Stacy Fox says:

    Completely unrelated to anything, but too cool not to share:

    Frying Pan Tower (fptower.com) is a Coast Guard light station located 34 miles off the coast of North Carolina and will have a direct view of the hurricane coming in.

    You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deG4NxkouGM ….at least until it’s destroyed. 😮

  9. Made the unwise decision to walk to AnsleyMall. I was fooled by the 79° F temperature Dark Sky quoted.

    Even worse, the person with whom I have a 12:00pm appointment is late.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      That was ambitious of you, especially in a non-winter month. There’s some pretty good hills between your office and Ansley Mall. Take a Bird scooter next time. 😉

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