Starting my day at Waffle House QT before the auto dealer has a look at the M6’s brakes and the tire I dinged.

I may not be heading to work afterward depending on how I feel. I’m feeling a bit rundown this morning.

My Jimmie’s Chicken Shack show on Friday night has been canceled so I need to go back to Masquerade by then to get my refund.

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  1. I have to give Mazda major credit for thwarting my stupidity last night. For nearly thirty years I held my car keys in hand and looked at them prior to shutting the trunk. Last night I did not, throwing my bag, with the car key into the trunk, and shutting it without thought. Somehow the car sensed this and started beeping immediately, causing me to realize what I had done. I rushed back to the trunk and was able to open it and get the key. Whew!

  2. Oh yeah, yesterday was a big day for me!
    – XYZ Corp’s iOS app went live in the Apple App Store
    – I received the M6’s title in the mail

    😁 🎉 🎊

    • Stacy Fox says:

      Happy title day! Ah… the joy of no car payments. And hopefully for a while too! How many miles you got on the girl?

      • Little more than 51k. In December I will have had the M6 for four years. It has gotten me to FL and NC a few times, and if I can stop hitting things it should continue to do so for a few more years.

  3. Steve says:

    A busy day of work yesterday- one 48 port card failure in Jax, a circuit down for a tenant here, plus the regular meeting and whatnot.

    A fairly quiet Games meeting (and quiet is relative when dealing with drunken Scotsmen and women). Got a text from the officials assigner asking if I was available to work the race Sunday in CPk., so that’s where I’ll be.

    Today, Debbie is 51 years and 51 weeks old! (I just figured that out).

    And I got a reminder from LinkedIn to wish Sue Hintze a happy work anniversary- she’s been office manager out in Colorado for 16 YEARS!!! Holy Crap, where has the time gone?!?!


    • barb says:

      16 years – wow!
      and, another blast from the past – at Monday night hash a guy from Houston said he was told about the ATL hash from Catamite. That’s a name from the past.

      • Catamite was the guy I met in Gravity Pub in 1999. He was the one who told me about the hash happy hour that was going to be there that Friday — and that’s how I started hashing…

      • Steve says:

        Yeah, that kinda blew my mind. I knew Eunuch from cycling and he finally convinced me to come hash. I was a regular Wednesday night runner, but had never hashed. I blame him.

  4. Cars get you one way or another…

    Now that I have no car payment, the repair payments start. Today’s work will cost me about what four months worth of payments could have cost. 😕

    • bob says:

      Stop hitting stuff and your repair bills will be considerably lower 🙂

      But really, 4 years with only 51k that car will last you for MANY more years. I have 150k on my big dumb American truck and I could probably squeeze a few more years out of it. At your rate you have at least 8 years to go.

      • True on all accounts. The priciest repair today is proactively putting new brakes on the M6. Yes, I know this isn’t “hard” and that money can be saved by doing it “myself” but I’m not mechanical (see also: ITP Estate) so I am paying the professional’s ransom.

        • barb says:

          doing car work yourself – that’s crazy talk. I can’t hardly wash my car myself – much less EVER want to do any repair stuff. The guy at Pep Boys, AutoZone, wherever even help me with windshield wipers.

          And doing brakes early is much cheaper than doing brakes later………

          • Steve says:

            And remember, for whatever reason you’re having the dealer do it, which is half again as much.

          • I understand the price structure. Still get all word done at dealer. Dealer offered me a loaner but I decided not to fight the traffic going up I75 today; I’m at Hennessy in Morrow.

            Dealer also has WiFi so I am working while here.

  5. In my version of hell I am surrounded by loud potato chip eaters while I try to concentrate. See also: now.

  6. barb says:

    Tonight – we have to get the camper & stuff all ready to go, Allan gets to drive to Augusta without me. The navigation part I do I think he will miss, and not getting to fight with me setting up the camper (he won’t really miss that).
    I have to work Friday, I’m going to try to cut out early, but who knows.
    The people here just seem to show up & come & go as they please, it really gets annoying. I’m just not that way, I wish I could be.

    • bob says:

      I need to do the same, add grocery shopping in there too. I did install some USB plugs in the camper last night so there is a good chance it will catch on fire this weekend 🙂
      Laura always asks what she can help with while setting up the camper. I just say take Travis and go somewhere out of my way. I can set it up in about 10 minutes, it takes 30 with their help.

      • barb says:

        Allan & I are terrible packing together – when I did most of it – it was fine, when he does most of it, it is fine – the 2 of us together, we forget stuff. (like bike shoes one Brag spring tune up, I had to go to Athens & pay almost retail. they gave me a sympathy 10% industry discount when I told them what happened)

  7. Apparently if you spend enough money they also throw in a car wash. 😂

    • Still at dealer. I had no idea this work would take so long. My laptop’s battery has expired and I didn’t bring a power cord. Oops. Whenever the work is completed I may have lunch and head home instead of office.

  8. Car is done. I may be eating more meat at a Chinese buffet. 🙄

  9. barb says:

    he lives ITP now.

    FYI – Allan’s new permanent station is station 6, right near downtown.

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