I learned last night that the Highland Tap is not the Highland Inn; previously I knew it was not also th North Highland Pub. I learned this after a brutal Lyft ride. Oh well, the literal steps taken to correct my error were much needed.

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  1. ITP Lurker says:

    Coming soon to EAV: Tone-deaf developer decides CrossFit, co-working, and gasp! another coffee shop are just what the locals want! Let’s make EAV look like everywhere else, shall we?


    • As a long-time resident, 19.5 years at the ITP Estate, I’ve seen much come and go. We once had three Mexican restaurants at the same time. We had an Ace Hardware and Wachovia, which are now a gym/church(?) and Mexican restaurant/bar.

      Though I am only an occasional customer I am a loyal Joe’s (née Sacred Grounds) customer and don’t see that changing. Nor do I see myself starting a CrossFit routine anytime soon either.

      Interesting comments too…

      • ITP Lurker says:

        Yeah, I missed that Ace Hardware bad for several years. I was so happy to see the Grant Park Ace Hardware open up. I’ve seen a lot in the 14 years I’ve been in Grant Park, but you definitely have me beat.

        I very much miss Burrito Art. They had an Asian meatloaf burrito that I pretty much lived on for periods at a time.

      • I miss Burrito Art too. It was the first EAV place at which I ate, shortly before buying the ITP Estate. Believe it or not, I was on a date. 😮

  2. Steve says:

    Highland Inn between Ponce and North on Highland. Highland Tap at the corner of VA and Highland. Even I know that.

    I swear I had the best of intensions to ride last night, but gravity and my recliner got to me.

    Kitties are getting snipped this morning. They were not happy to spend the night in their crates.


    • My mistake was made worse because I had the Lyft driver drop me off at Manuel’s Tavern thinking all I’d have to do is cross the street. I felt as if I was doing a walk of shame as I saw the George’s runners going the other direction.

      • Stacy Fox says:

        Which one were you trying to get to?

        I adore the Highland Tap because they really truly have the best martinis in town. Of which I am overdue for one come to think of it.

        I’ve never been to the Highland Inn though I’ve stomped by it quite a few times. Same with North Highland Pub, though that seems like a place I would like.

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