Don’t know if it’s the onset of a little chilly weather or the affects of a stressful week, but I’m moving slowly today.

Also, driving without audio last night I could hear the M6 braking and it didn’t sound right. Just had brakes done a few weeks ago, may have to find time to go back.

Today starts low-fiber diet for Monday’s colonoscopy. Going to be an “interesting “ weekend…

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3 Responses to 2018-10-12

  1. Barb says:

    I don’t remember having to do anything low fiber before the procedure, just having to drink that crap the day before, and then spending more time than I wanted in the bathroom.
    But- its a necessary thing to have to do – its worth it – my poor former coworker who found out way too late she has colon cancer will attest.

  2. Barb says:

    Got most of our stuff together last night for Eggtoberfest – tonight will be getting it all in a box & getting a cooler ready to be out in Stone Mtn tomorrow morning.

    They supply the Eggs charcoal – and not much more. This should be interesting.
    We are looking forward to it- weather looks to be perfect!
    Steve – I hope you have the same weather next weekend!

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