Monday: colonoscopy
Tuesday: laundry
Today: car dealership

Recently as I have performed low-speed stopping in the M6 the brakes sound bad with a grinding noise, and there is a rhythmic noise made as we (the car and I) come to a stop. Recall that I paid a lot of money recently to have the brakes replaced so today I am giving Hennessy Mazda another opportunity to look at them and make any necessary adjustments. If Hennessy fails, next week I will be taking the M6 and my “lifetime brake warranty” to another Mazda dealership for evaluation and repair. I hope it doesn’t need to go that far.

Yesterday I allowed myself to eat everything under the sun, today (some) common sense returns to my eating habits.

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26 Responses to 2018-10-17

  1. By the time you realize that your shoes are going to need new laces it is too late.

  2. steve says:

    Good morning from Stone Mountain. My long and annoying commutes end today as tonight I’m at the host hotel for a dinner and tomorrow shift to a HI Express just outside the park.

    The forecasts are getting better for the weekend, so hopefully we will have a good crowd.

    I hope to see you all here this weekend!

    Hope they find the brake issue.


    • Thanks. I’ll be in Black Mountain, NC this weekend so I will miss the Games again.

    • barb says:

      We were thinking about the Games this weekend, but Allan has to work Saturday, which means he will most likely have to sleep part of the day Sunday when he gets home.
      Wheelhopper is up in Hiawassee at Jackrabbit Mtn – I really want to go to that, those trails are so fun! But we will see.

      Allan is hoping to get the new moto all registered & tagged tomorrow, then take it in for some service, and then it will be ready to go. He’s so excited about it. It came with just a single seat, so he had to order a new saddle so I can ride on it too. (I have a brand new helmet that never got worn before the accident in the spring)

    • Bonnie says:

      Steve, I would like to try and go to the games, but not sure my schedule will allow. I love stuff like that. I was going to go to Aw Burned Out and Fresh Fish’s Hiawassee weekend but various reasons are preventing me. I was looking forward to (attempting) my first Wheelhopper. I was thinking about trying to catch a ride up there Sunday but I don’t think I can carve out the time… I need to do a good bit of trail reccying this weekend—I hope the weather cooperates for all our sakes.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Events like that are *so* not my thing, but good luck this weekend. Consider me there in spirit. Like everyone else, I’m covered up this weekend anyway. October is such a nutty month.

  3. While the look at the M6 I am now at a place called “Martin’s” where I have inexplicably ordered biscuits that have no meat. What have I become? A near-vegetarian??? 🤯

    • It’s probably good for my waistline that this place is in Morrow because these egg and cheese biscuits are delicious!

      • I found their Achilles heel however, it’s their coffee.

      • barb says:

        I’ve only been to a Martin’s a couple times, but its been ok fast food. My problem with all the calories on the menus is I realized that biscuits have way too many calories! Gotta stick with the Egg McMuffin types of breakfast sandwiches now.

        • Yeah, so this one didn’t have calories listed. 😉 Having made biscuits from scratch in the past I know that they are calorie-laden and not exactly “health” food. 🙄

  4. Still sitting in waiting room. FWIW – “Charmed” was a really lousy TV series.

  5. Apparently a stuck brake caliper issue. Awaiting work to be completed.

  6. Back at dealer, not going to be my day.

  7. Look who’s in the office! I paid no money today, but don’t have total confidence that I won’t be addressing this issue again in the (near) future.

  8. Also on my radar today is hoping my hand, where the IV was inserted, returns to its natural color soon. Currently the back of my rift right hand is darker red.

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