Every LEAF writes its own chapter in history. I thought this Fall’s version would be about the cold temperatures and not the gale-force winds on Saturday night / early Sunday morning that mangled numerous tents and canopies, snapping some trees, and destroying one festival tent. I heard there were some injuries, but I do not know any more about that.

I saw a great band (artist), Kishi Bashi, perform on Saturday night too. They (he) play a sold out show in his current home of Athens on November 3rd.

I know it was chilly here, the temperature inside the ITP Estate was only 64°F when I arrived home last night.

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5 Responses to 2018-10-22

  1. barb says:

    it was 63 this morning on my thermostat – I just cant’ turn on the heat yet…….

    Wheelhopper yesterday up at Jackrabbit Mtn was very fun – not enough hounds (only 5 of us) – but I really like those trails.
    No Butt Bob or Fore Inch sighting, I guess they made an appearance at Pine Lake the day before, but they don’t mtn bike, so they found other things to do Sunday.

  2. I too am resisting the urge to turn on the heat, though I did use a space heater in my bedroom after showering.

  3. Looks as if my hopes for an Astros v. Brewers World Series didn’t happen, so I will be ignoring baseball until next year.

  4. barb says:

    who is it — Dodgers & Red Sox? oh well…….
    I always ignore baseball.

    Its turning into a pretty nice day out- too bad I’m stuck here at work.

    • Yeah, Dodgers v. Red Sox. I know this makes Jenka, a Red Sox fan, happy.

      I’m skipping tonight’s hash (in Oakhurst) to reccy with Bonnie for 11/5. Hopefully it won’t get too chilly while we are out there.

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