Thanksgiving is tomorrow? It feels as if Halloween was just yesterday!

At 5:30am I fixed my release build issue, version 2.3.1 of my app is ready to send to QA. I’ve shut down my work brain until Monday, and in doing so went back to sleep and slept past 8:15am! After a shower I am headed to breakfast, then to Target to get a prescription refilled (hopefully), and then will be spending time with the Raleigh Royalty who are in town for a few days.

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  1. Steve says:

    After letting the dogs out around 3, I couldn’t really go back to sleep. As I knew I could park at the office, I set my alarm for a little later in the morning. Still here on time with exactly a 1 hour drive.

    There will be pie making this afternoon, once I blow this taco stand around 11. My partner is working from home and already said not to hang around. Maybe a ride in as well.

    Barb, are we on for Skyline Saturday?


    • Barb says:

      I don’t know about Saturday, I honestly forgot to ask the in-laws.
      I’ll FB message you later today.

      and – my Shepherd’s Pie was a hit with mom & dad last night – Day 1 done, 4 more to go!

  2. Barb says:

    tell all the Beebe’s hi from us.
    I talked to Kevin via text yesterday – with my parents here, that messes with all my friendsgiving get togethers.

    My car si done, I have to take the Outback back this morning.
    I’m sad (and sab about the amount of money I had to spend on the 60,000 and some rear brakes)

  3. Steve says:

    Debbie sent me a picture this morning entitled “This is a problem”. The picture was of a horse, gently grazing, in the back yard! Oops. There was also an overturned wheelbarrow of hay, so apparently there was a party last night we didn’t get invited to.

  4. ITP Lurker says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ll. I’m thankful for this community and the mutual support we offer each other.

  5. Just checking in. I’ll post an official “Happy Thanksgiving” good cheer tomorrow, but for all of you who are too busy to check in — “Happy Thanksgiving”!

  6. Whiner aka Ron says:

    WLB, I’m grateful you kept this blog going. I enjoy keeping in touch with all you folks. Have I met, do I know who ITL lurker is? I have not figured out who he is. Happy T-day to all, from Whiner in Greensboro.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Ron, I’m just a random dude who’s been reading Paulie’s raves and rants since his ATL Met Blogs days, which is now way more years than I care to count. Somewhere along the way I started contributing to the community after several years of lurking, hence the name. I’ve made one IRL appearance during which Steve, Barb, John (Ham With Cam) and Paulie got to meet me.

      There’s a *long* story as to why lurking made sense, but I’m in a better place now, and have just gotten used to hanging around this space. 😉

    • Barb says:

      Hi Whiner!

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