I ate a vegetarian Thanksgiving yesterday. That was a first. You know, I didn’t even miss the turkey…

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  1. Steve says:

    It was a nice, calm T’day. Prepared pies Wednesday evening- 2 pumpkin, apple, cherry, and pecan. Joined Debbie’s fam at her mom’s house and I think we had 20+ seated. Turkey, duck, and all the trimmings. While there were vegetables, it was certainly not vegetarian.

    Once we got home, after the brief coma nap, I managed 40 miles on the scooter. A bit chilly, as I didn’t realize the flack jacket pushed up the sleeves of the sweatshirt I was wearing under it, so my forearms were bare (basically). I let the beast roar (briefly) along a lonely stretch of road. Smooth.

    A half hour on the trainer to counteract the lunch. Then leftover turkey and pie to counteract the trainer!!

    Barb, the pics of M&D in the Waffle House hats are too cute. Plan for Skyline?


    • Barb says:

      Yesterday was a most original Thanksgiving.
      Cereal for breakfast, then a trip to the firehouse to visit Allan.
      Pecan waffles at Waffle House for lunch, then Skyline at TJ & Mary’s for dinner.
      Working on the Turkey now, official Thanksgiving dinner around 5 is my guess.

      Steve….still no idea on Skyline night, and since I had some last night, I’m in no rush.

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