Wouldn’t let the dank spoil my fun. Went to The EARL on Friday night for an evening of Christmas tunes. Yesterday I joined a group of Urban Explorers for a slow bike ride from Lindbergh Station to New Realm Brewery.

Tonight I will join the hashers who will once-again attempt to sing Christmas carols to unexpected homeowners. How is that not a show on Bravo yet?

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  1. Tough weekend for my green and whites, Werder Bremen and the NY Jets both lost their games played on Saturday. 😢

  2. Barb says:

    Browns won Saturday – they have a slight chance of making the playoffs.
    what the hell????
    Falcons finally won, but they were playing Arizona, who isn’t very good. At least the fans got a win for the last home game of the year.

    We have houseguests for the week – and a dog (Fenway) about the size of Brownie.
    This is gonna be interesting – gotta watch the tail and things on the coffee table. (stemless wineglasses are probably a good idea this week)

  3. Steve says:

    Dogs and tails can be bad for stemware. Lola can knock a glass into deep center field!

    What a damp weekend. A fun foxhunt Saturday- the hounds were completely out of bounds behind our house and across Stricklandtown Rd. They were hot on a coyote and gave him a good run. We were down a dead end road with a little cluster of houses when one owner pops out asking WTF? When we explained, she was quite fine with it all…

    After swapping out the aftermarket pipes for the originals, I took the bike for a spin yesterday. Purrs like a kitten! Was leaving Senoia and was at an uphill stop sign getting on to GA16. Goosed it a bit too much and the front wheel went a bit airborne! Just a bit surprised!!

    Debbie is going to dinner with friends Wednesday and I decided to stop in at Georges!! No running, but maybe a walk and a delicious malt beverage. Please join me if you are able.


    • Barb says:

      George’s on a Wednesday? what an idea!!!
      Depending on what Annette & Mark have on the agenda – I can say Maybe.
      Allan will be working that day.

  4. Lovely walk to post office to mail a few cards, followed by a face stuffing with a veggie burger and fries. 😋

  5. barb says:

    so- what’s a good place to eat or drink near Piedmont hospital?
    Allan is having a-fib issues, and I may (hopefully) have to go get him later if they spring him today.
    Since we have friends in town, the 3 of us might just drink (& eat) down there depending on the time frame. Or hopefully the 4 of us. You know hospitals, they don’t do anything quick.

    • Piedmont is the one by Collier Road?

      R Thomas was good when we went there after a bike ride
      Uncle Julio’s if you want “fancy” Mexican
      El Azteca for “cheap” Mexican
      Bell Street Burrito for very casual and “fast”

      That’s all I have..

      • barb says:

        yes- that’s the hospital at Peachtree & Collier Rd
        fancy mexican – is it any better?
        we will need cocktails…………

        • I’ve been to the Uncle Julio’s in Sandy Springs (Dunwoody?) and it was good, just more expensive than your typical Mexican. Don’t recall how expensive. It’s a somewhat-national chain, they have a menu online.

  6. Steve says:

    a-fib!! WTH, O?

    • Barb says:

      he’s had it for a while – its a PITA.
      We had hoped he won’t ever need surgery, but if it starts happening more often, who knows.
      At least JoAnna’s gone thru it all, so we have a reference as to what its all about.

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