Had my first real failure with an Instant Pot recipe last night — mac and cheese with hidden cauliflower; the dish was bland and the noodles were over-cooked. It was so disappointing that I have already deleted the recipe from my recipe app and am considering tossing the leftovers. Barb, you are off the hook! 🙂

Last night I also realized that Christmas is six days away and that this year I probably won’t obtain any Christmas spirit. That being said, here is some music on Spotify to which you can listen down the homestretch:

Paste 2018 Holiday Playlist

Bloodshot Records’ “13 Days of Xmas”

Greg Hawkes’ (yes, the guy who played keyboard in The Cars) “Jingle Ukes”

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  1. Steve says:

    Quartz had a nice story about “Love Actually” and a diagram of the whole relationship puzzle which I thought was pretty clever.

    Debbie was lucky I checked my voicemails when I got home. Having arrived home late after stopping by the bike shop in Senoia to swap Look cleats for Shimano (not equal!), she was off on Phinney and I thought she just went for a ride. The message was to come get her at Bear Creek, as her ride was an A to B, not A to A.

    40 minutes of suffering with the new cleats! And after, still not having a good tight fit, realized the back of the pedal needed a bit of lube. Now we’re clicking!

    George’s tonight!! Who’s with me??


    • Barb says:

      no George’s tonight – we are going to Red Sky in East Cobb, I guess they decided to do one of these holiday pop up Christmas themes – so the whole place is decorated “Christmas Story”. If its too crazy (or stupid) there are plenty of other restaurants/bars to go to in that area.

    • I’m dining with Betsy at her house. Top Chef viewing has resumed!

    • Bonnie says:

      I can’t come tonight either. 🙁

  2. Barb says:

    we went to Red Hare for a happy hour beverage – so weird now you can just buy a beer, no tickets, no “tasting”, etc.
    They have a Wintery Mix SPF edition – very cranberry. It was tasty, but could have a little less cranberry taste.

  3. Bonnie says:

    Put up the Christmas tree yesterday—day 2 and it’s still standing! Willow cat got her teeth cleaned yesterday so it was easier to put it up with her out of the house all day, until she came home and promptly climbed it. Maybe we’ll get the porch lights up today.

    Willow still has her (recurring) UTI and her culture at the lab failed (which would have determined which antibiotic would best fight her bacteria) so 7 more days of the current antibiotic before yet another urine test. Of course her bacteria is resistant to the Convenia shot they give at the vet that lasts 2 weeks so I have to give her a pill 1-2 times per day. She vomited up all her breakfast this morning, which happens more frequently when she has a UTI :(.

    Forgot to weigh myself yesterday before drinking coffee… 136.5 today (+/-0 / goal 125). I’ll take it.

    Still getting used to a garage and garage door opener… tried to open the door with the ladder in the way and it came off the track. After a lot of fighting, cursing and greasy hands, we got it back on. Hope no permanent damage resulted; will continue to monitor.

    • Geez, all I did last night was make dinner, watch tv (“Great British Bake Off” finale), and take a nap before going to bed. 😂

    • Barb says:

      yikes on the garage door.
      I guess I’ve almost always had a garage, and I’ve never had that issue.
      Did have a broken spring once. (sounded like a gunshot – scared the hell out of me)
      Had to get a garage door repair guy – as our door is huge, so it isn’t a standard spring.

      • I’ve not had a garage since I lived with my parents.

        With a garage called “The Garagemahal” it’s no surprise it needs a non-standard spring. 😂

        • Barb says:

          yep- 9 feet tall & I’m not sure how wide……. its heavy.
          (most doors are 8 feet tall)
          a little trivia.

          Speaking of trivia – the bass player from the Runaways is on Jeopardy this week- she’s freakin smart.

        • Steve says:


          Of our 3 garage doors (!!), the automatic one needs some work. It seems fine going up, but sounds real “crunchy” coming down. I also worry about certain 4 legged critters getting caught by it, as there is no safety mechanism to keep it from smushing them.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Bonnie, if a need for the cavalry arises, Overhead Door of Atlanta has always been reliable and trustworthy for me.

      Good luck with your kitty. And yes, our oldest cat, who departed for the great beyond this year, promptly knocked our tree down twice last year, so I feel your pain in that regard. So far so good this year. The two remaining cats have other outlets for their mischief. Such as hiding my wallet under my bed the morning after I didn’t remember walking home from a bar. That gave me a few hours of thinking I’d lost my wallet somewhere. Fortunately they batted it out into the daylight later that day. Fuckers. And even more fortunately I was able to be zen with the situation and give myself 24 hours before cancelling anything, which meant my wallet surfaced within that window.

      • Bonnie says:

        Thanks! I hope I won’t need to call them.

        Sorry about your kitty. My other cat, Nigel, uses the tree as a scratching post and plays with the ornaments, but hadn’t ever tried to climb it. We can’t put lights on it anymore because Willow chews on cords. Every single cord in the house has a cord cover on it to protect it. They’re not attractive. But Nigel chews one particular cord (cover) to the light on the nightstand every morning to get my attention for breakfast service.

      • Which is why I love pets, well, other people’s pets. 😂

  4. Barb says:

    started addressing my Christmas cards……………
    I need to piss off more people, have less friends.
    Here’s my process –
    I received a card from you – you get a card addressed
    then alphabetically.
    And – any ITP readers that I don’t have your address – send it over…….
    (Lurker – I know you don’t want one…….LOL)

  5. Steve says:

    Barb, we cherish your cards- even though we haven’t sent them in too long. I swear we will again one day.

  6. My adopted German soccer team, Werder Bremen, continues to frustrate its fans; down 1-0 currently. 😕

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