Add another power outage to the list. This one occurred around 4:15am and was oddly incorporated into the dream I was having at the time. I woke up during this dream to discover the nightmare reality of another outage.

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  1. Forty-five minute outage. It got a bit chilly in the house.

  2. Lunch at Hankook at 1pm Barb?
    Steve, if you are interested in joining I can pick you up at 11th / Crescent at 12:30pm.

  3. I intended to “get exercise” by walking up to Home Grown to eat breakfast (a 3.0 mile round trip), but decided to eat frozen pancakes at home. Maybe I will eat there tomorrow…

    • Barb says:

      I’n not sure where or how, but I ‘discovered’ that I could bake an egg in a ramekin that works perfect for a home made egg mcmuffin. I’m not sure why I never thought of it before, but I can do a few, keep them in the fridge & warm up in seconds in the mornings.
      No need to ever got to McD’s in the morning on the way to work now.

  4. Steve says:

    The Boxing Day hunt was quite an affair. I counted 27 mounted, which is quite a nice number. We drove around and waited for them to hit on anything. We circled the property- “easy” on a horse, difficult in a vehicle and were back near the start when the hounds hit. We had a great vantage point- looking down Bear Creek Road for several hundred yards- the hounds crossed, they crossed back, crossed again, crossed back, the coyote crossed, the hounds crossed, then crossed back! Clearly, Mr. Coyote was having some fun with the hounds. They finally got moving in the right direction and we don’t know if they ever caught up with him as he was out of bounds quite quickly and the riders can’t get across the creek. We then spent the next hour or so trying to collect the rest of the hounds. They were occasionally on “something” but we have no idea what. All in all, a pretty good day.

    I spoke to a lady in the group who give riding lessons. Time to try (again) to see if I can get a horse to do what I want. I wasn’t very successful the last time.


    • Barb says:

      I guess no one in your neck of the woods has to work on this holiday week…….
      I wish I didn’t.
      We didn’t do much last night –
      Planning some recipes for some of the Christmas firehouse leftovers –
      We are thinking a turkey noodle casserole, or a turkey broccoli rice casserole. (or both). Then a ham & bean soup. Bought some ingredients – might so some prep tonight.

      • Steve says:

        A lot of folks did have to work, but a lot took the day off because of the hunt. I was “working”, or at least I had my laptop with me and did answer a few emails.

  5. Going down to the basement to “earn” my lunch. 🙄

  6. Barb says:

    we might be a couple minutes early – but figured 1pm meet time will get rid of that 1200 crowd anyway.

  7. So. Full.

    Damn that was a tasty pork taco, my last meat of 2018!

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