Going to be a few brutal days of rainy weather in “The A”. I’m scheduled to go on a walk Sunday, I have a feeling it’ll get canceled.

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  1. Full from a large breakfast at Home Grown, going tp attempt to walk it off at a Target that has covered parking.

  2. Steve says:

    More than once I’ve walked in our parking deck at work when it has been raining like this.

    Indoor chores today I think. There’s no point in trying to do anything outside.

    Today starts our new billing cycle so I actually have Internet when it’s not raining too hard. It’s the simple things in life.


  3. barb says:

    With all this rain, our sump pump in the basement (that is right below the bedroom) is working a little harder than normal. Its a very annoying noise, but at least we know its working. Crawl space is dry.

    Looks like Saturday might be the only not super rainy day – we may have to work on setting up some tents that day. I’m not looking forward to a rainy Cheddarhead.

    • Bonnie says:

      Ah, thanks for reminding me… I should periodically check mine over the next few days. Except that I have to go outside to access the crawl space :(.

      I’m so bummed that my first (and last?) Cheddarhead is looking to be rainy :(.

      • barb says:

        the trail won’t be anything to write home about most likely – I hope everyone doesn’t get too muddy for my patio’s sake…….

        PortaPotty just got delivered – WHOOO HOOO

  4. Back from a long morning of spending money – breakfast, Target, two grocery stores, and QT – and am ready to sit on my butt for a few minutes.

  5. Barb says:

    BTW -anyone just coming to the end of Cheddarhead – park over at TJ & Mary’s across the street driveway if you want. 2nd house from corner LEFT on Wood Glen.

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