It’s the end of the year as we know it…
…and I feel fine?


Tuesday Monday Tale of the Tape – End of Year Edition:

First weigh-in on January 9th: 220 pounds (I wasn’t extremely precise in the beginning)
Last weigh-in on December 31st: 208.6 pounds
Difference: approximately -11.4 pounds

Good, but not as much as I hoped to lose in 2018.

Dirty laundry takes no holidays so I am at the Waschsalon this morning. Fortunately, I don’t have to go to work today however.

On to 2019! (which I have the feeling will be a very expensive year for me, for both good and bad. We’ll see…)

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22 Responses to 2018-12-31

  1. Steve says:

    Well, I think 2018 was a pretty good year for me (us). We had some fun adventures and Debbie’s job became a bit more routine- always good. I was appreciated at work for some big projects, and my other hobbies went fairly well. We won’t speak of politics or the stock market…

    2019 already holds more adventures with Florida next week and Germany in September. Maybe a ski trip for me and Debbie to Ireland in a couple weeks.

    And through it all, we get the pleasure of the somewhat daily blog to keep up with each other, sometimes to call each other out and generally celebrate each other.

    Happy New Year my friend. Hope to get my bowling on tomorrow- might run trail.


    • Florida? I may be doing a mom-visit later next month myself.

      Germany? Huh. I am hoping to go myself, but will have to see where my life is headed.

      I will trail “run”, but have low hopes for my bowling due to the right forearm pain that I have been having for months. Tendinitis? Repetitive Stress Injury? Not sure yet.

  2. Not sure why, but I am jamming to Radiohead’s “OK Computer” in my earbuds as I do laundry; it’s not even their best album! 😛

  3. Barbara says:

    I’d say 2018 was overall a good year – thought lack of exercise.
    Our goal is to get moving more in 2019 – especially on the bikes. (and – remodel a kitchen)

    Cheddarhead tent building took place Saturday evening, and in retrospect – thank God it did – weather wise and then – something else.
    Our friend Andrew (aka Condomints) went into the hospital Friday night, had a heart attack (or something like that Saturday night) and now has died as of last night. EM & HN were at the hospital with him, as his sister lives in FL and had to get here.
    Cheddarhead will now be a Celebration of life for Condo, as well as the other usual WI festivities. I’m sure that is how he would have wanted it.

    • Aw, that is incredibly sad news. Condomints will be missed, he was a good guy.

    • Bonnie says:

      Sorry to hear about Condiments. I think I only met him once at a AH4 hash in Newnan in July. He was very nice and subsequently Facebook friend requested me, so I learned a little more about him through his posts.

  4. Steve says:

    When I heard yesterday he was in ICU, I was terribly worried. His health has not been the best in recent years. On On, my friend.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Paulie, I know you hoped to lose more, but kudos on 11.4 🤜🏻🤛🏻. You probably would have lost more if you hadn’t met me 😏. January 27: 125 lbs, December 31: 135.5. Hey, at least I lost a pound over the holidays 🙌🏻. I bought a TON of food and wine for my mom’s visit (she leaves this morning) and I feel like we’ve been eating and drinking like maniacs. We only ate out once, so maybe that’s a contributing factor. Hmmmm… I’ll take it. Cheers to a more healthy and fit 2019. [How the fuck is it 2019?]

  6. Rats! I forgot to take a box of books to Goodwill.

    • Bonnie says:

      Can you just put them in a Little Library box? But I guess there’s no tax deduction in doing that…

      • ITP Lurker says:

        There’s no charitable deduction for most taxpayers now (including the 2018 tax year) due to the shuck and jive of the Republican tax bill. Single taxpayers have to have more than $12K in deductions to get past the standard deduction. It’s $24K for married. Going forward we’ll truly have to give out of the goodness of our hearts.

      • I didn’t think of that. Well, if you see German text books (that I know I will never open) in little libraries you know who put them there. 😂

        • Bonnie says:

          We can have a contest to see if your textbooks or “Laparoscopic Surgery for Gynecological Oncology” get rehomed first. 😂

  7. Eating soup leftovers for lunch, seems to be the perfect weather for doing so.

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