WTF? Because I was hashing I saw none of the game last night. In fact, the game made me happy since we couldn’t end at Midway because it was too crowded, so we went to SoBa instead. When I saw the score this morning I thought that my internet machine had gone haywire. Sorry, Steve.

Thought I slept really well last night, but I am still beat this morning.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 211.0 pounds (+0.8 from last week); which is not surprising given the amount of debauchery and lack of exercise that has occurred in my life the past seven days.

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  1. barb says:

    We watched the 1st half, decided Alabama could come back, but hoped they wouldn’t.
    And Clemson prevailed.
    I don’t dislike Alabama, but its nice to see someone else win. (kind of like rooting against the Patriots)
    We ate outside on the deck, it gets cold once the dark comes, so I got Allan to fire up the heater. It was very comfortable then.

    He’s working 2 days in a row – so I’m single for 2 days – what trouble should I get into?

    • Bonnie says:

      Barb, what type of heater do you have? I want a heater for our side patio. I like being outside in the winter, but I need a heat source :). I can’t have a fire pit (real fire). We have a capped gas line out there, but hopefully someday there will be a grill attached to it….

      • Barb says:

        its just a propane heater – Home Depot & Lowes have them – just called an Outdoor Patio heater.
        Cost is around $100 or so (plus the propane of course)
        there’s a few different styles – but the ones we have are the cheaper ones, and they work just fine.

  2. I was a bit late today because I didn’t wake up as early as I desired to make my lunch (a few future lunches and dinners) of Instant Pot Green Goddess Pasta

    • Barb says:

      that looks tasty – Allan would say add some chicken or bacon to it & it would be perfect!!!
      I’m hungry – I think I’m going to Chicken Salad Chick for lunch.

    • Bonnie says:

      I’ll be interested to hear if it is too rich or not…

    • Check back after lunch, as I plan to eat some then.

      • The dish was incredibly rich, but tasty. I could probably reduce the cream cheese, or use low-fat cream cheese. Regardless, portion control is the key. 😉

        • Barb says:

          so- I’m wondering about making this recipe, without an Instant Pot.
          I think it looks quite tasty. (and I have time on my hands today)
          any suggestions on how to do it on the stovetop or a crockpot?

        • I think the trick is getting the ratio of stock to pasta right. In the IP the pressure cooking handles cooking the pasta in the stock. Everything else is completely doable on a stovetop.

          I suppose you could cook/drain the pasta separately (in water or stock), sautéing the mushrooms and garlic when it’s nearly done, and then combine it all in a large pot with enough heat to warm the peas and melt the cheese.

  3. Bonnie says:

    I didn’t weigh myself before I drank coffee this morning, but I weighed 135 yesterday. Maybe tomorrow will be the first day of my fresh start…? I had trouble sleeping last night and I too feel beat today. This dreary weather isn’t helping. Today’s order of business is to finish taking down and put away the Christmas tree and decorations. I’ll be glad to get the house back to normal.

    • Barb says:

      Since I only put up the tree & never decorated (only lights) – it was quite easy to take down & put away.
      maybe next year I’ll decorate more – maybe………

      • Bonnie says:

        Can’t have lights on the tree anymore because Willow chews cords, but there are a crap ton of ornaments. And other random decorations around the house. Yesterday we removed the lights from the exterior as well as the holly and red bows while the sun was shining.

    • My mantel was the only thing that was “decorated” so break down was a breeze for me.

      • barb says:

        My mantel has all the not picture Christmas cards. They are still there. I need to see what percentage of cards I got compared to sent out.
        Since its slow here at work – maybe I’ll work on that today.

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