WordPress updated, my interface is very different and I am not a huge fan.

Call to dentist yesterday resulted in appointment which I am either at, or have completed, by the time you read this.

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  1. I have started losing things. Yesterday and today I have been unable to locate the Kroger coupons I have been holding onto use, as well as my favorite winter hat.

    • barb says:

      You don’t do the online Kroger coupons? I just got thru the website occasionally & click on almost everything. Then its a surprise when I get extra money off when checking out.

    • And now I have found out that my calendar is still deleting old events. 😡
      *Somebody* has to revisit the root canal dentist again. 😡😡😡
      Barb, perhaps we can have lunch on the day I if it all works out? 🙂

      • barb says:

        Red Eyed Mule is supposed to be opening at the new location on the S Marietta Pkwy maybe within the next week or 2.
        OR – there’s always Tasty China. OR, the Marietta Square, OR……… there’s lots of places.

  2. Steve says:

    Sorry for your tooth.

    Slowly getting rolling today. The hospitality suite opened last night after dinner. Debbie had warned me he brought cheap scotch, but he has 12 y.o. Macallan, which is pretty good. The suite has a balcony overlooking the yacht club. Quite nice.

    Off to find the Staples and pick up an order.


  3. Hmm now the M6’s TPMS went off again. In addition to scheduling root canal investigation I *will* have to schedule service with Mazda.

  4. Day is looking up a bit, treated myself to lunch out and just found my coupons; the hat is still MIA.

    I still have to call and schedule appointments, and do some coding today…

    • Steve says:

      Living the dream.

      Drove the VW SUV to Staples in Seminole. Auto shutoff annoys me. I think I had one for a week in California and it annoyed me there.

      How many times will you take the M6 in for the TPMS before they actually fix it? This is at least the third time.

    • Bonnie says:

      Maybe your hat and my Road ID are together… They’re laughing at us, like, “Hide and seek mother fuckers!”

  5. barb says:

    We went Farm sink shopping a lunch to a store called PDI. I didn’t realize Huff Road on the Westside is a total furnishing designer road now. Damn sinks are expensive, as are potfillers. (but I have figured out I have really expensive tastes when I’m not looking at prices, just looking at what I like the looks of) This kitchen just keeps getting pricier.

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