Brrr, fucking brr!

Yesterday’s dentist visit has spawned another trip to a root canal specialist next Tuesday afternoon (too late for lunch, unfortunately).

After treating myself to an Indian (vegetarian) buffet for lunch I worked from home.

Last night I made a play on a “Chicken and Dumplings” dish I am calling “Mushrooms and Dumplings” in which I substituted vegetarian components for their chicken counterparts. Had I not added too much garlic stock concentrate to make the stock the dish would have been great; instead it was a little too salty.

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  1. barb says:

    too much garlic? never. Too much salt – I can see that.

    We went to play trivia at Treehorn Cider last night – it was Geeks Who Drink trivia, very different than the Outspoken or the other group we usually do.
    They had 8 rounds – 8 questions each round, I never really figured out the scoring, but it was fun. They had a visual round – passed out a picture and name all 8 people in the picture named George. They had a word puzzle round, where we had 2 1/2 minutes to solve it & turn it in. We got 5th place out of about 10 teams -but who knows if we could have done better if we had understand the double point options, etc.
    We got ramen & bibimbap to go at The Bowl which is basically next door & ate it during trivia – pretty good food. I have driven past the place many time, just never tried it.

    • I’d never be disappointed by too much garlic.

      Interesting trivia concept. Did you visit that new brewery last week? If so, how was it?

      • barb says:

        Its all ciders – but its pretty good. I think they have 12 different flavors. Its not cheap, smaller pours than a brewery, but it was something to do.
        They also have a 6 person team limit, so Aron (aka Yassir) and his 2 friends were on a separate team. (we have 5 people with us). His team got 2nd or 3rd – and they had a dance-off for that (I don’t know which girl won) I also don’t even know what the prizes were.

  2. steve says:

    Word from the farm is the heat is out and our regular hvac has already left for Irrland. We were able to ask him for a recommendation.

  3. barb says:

    just bought a plane ticket to Iowa for Superbowl weekend – Saturday to Tuesday.
    price was really good – $234. Allan will most likely be working some OT, so figured why not.

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