Off to south Georgia tonight where I will layover, and complete my journey to Florida tomorrow. Maybe a change of atmosphere will improve my health, both mental and physical; I certainly hope so.

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  1. Steve says:

    So. Much. Fog. Yesterday as I walked to my car in the MARTA lot, I heard a plane on approach. It went right over my head (typically at 100′ or so) and I COULD NOT SEE IT! How it must have seemed on the plane!

    Suffered for 40 hard minutes last night, then made dinner of roast pork tenderloin with roasted carrots and beets! Beets!! Not a huge fan, as Debbie will attest, but these were really good. First, carrots into half inch chunks in the oven at 450 for 10, then the beets into half inch chunks into the oven with the carrots until soft. Olive oil over the whole lot. Tasty.

    I hope we can wrap up this rain soon as I have a 3 day stage race next weekend and it will be miserable in the rain.

    Safe travels, Paulie. Best to mom.


    • I love beets!

      I went to Betsy’s and whipped up an Instant Pot meal of spicy Thai “chicken”. This was Paulie freestyle ad I took a recipe and made it my own by adding fake chicken and far more vegetables than was prescribed. It was delicious if I do say so myself.


  2. Tired of coughing.
    Tired of chest pain/tightness.
    Tired of shortness of breath.
    Tired of being tired.
    Will be seeking medical help upon returning from Florida…

    May you all be healthy and happy.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      😷😷😷 (couldn’t resist)

      But seriously, hopefully you’ve scheduled an appointment?

      • No, because I won’t be back until next week. I’m not even sure with what type of doctor I should be scheduling one as I’m not sure my normal doctor is up for resolving this.

        • ITP Lurker says:

          I’d start with your general practitioner and ask for a referral. Most specialists aren’t going to talk to a rando off the street without a referral, plus specialists tend to stay booked weeks in advance. I strongly encourage you to get the ball rolling sooner.

          In my experience, if I can schedule the next step in whatever it is that’s been visited on me, it takes away a level of anxiety because it removes an unknown. If you know when you’ll be seen by a professional (medical, home repair, you name it), then you don’t have to worry about *when* you’ll be seen, on top of what is wrong with me or how much longer do I have to put up with ______? #hardfoughtknowledge

          • I have gone to my GP about these symptoms and was told it was something that would solve itself. It hasn’t.

            I don’t have the bandwidth to deal with finding a (new?) doctor today, so assuming I’ll be around next week it’ll have wait until then. Of course I could get better in Florida…

        • HamWithCam says:

          Switch doctors.

          Depending on your insurance, switching primary care physicians is….so easy.

          I used to do the boutique “Ponce Primary Care” thing. Super convenient. And I really liked Dr. Chad Costly and his progressive approach. However, Dr. Costly has stepped back from seeing patients, and the office is staffed with Nurse Practitioners (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and doctors with which I had no history.

          Long story short, after a referral from a friend, I switched to Piedmont Physicians group (Dr. Charles Brown, love him).

          The Piedmont Physicians system is all “online” via MyChart, for all results, tests, scheduling appointments, even emails with the staff and physicians. And they respond within 24 hours. There is even a…wait for it…MyChart smart phone APP.

          Along the same lines as your current status, I had (what I thought were) recurring kidney-infection-like symptoms. Ponce Primary Care even prescribed antibiotics several times, which seem to help. Kinda.

          When symptoms reoccurred I switched to Piedmont Physicians. After confirming the accepted my insurance, I scheduled my first appointment…online. Super easy.

          For those following along, Dr. Brown (after discovering an, errr… “anomaly” during my initial physical exam) referred me to a urologist, just to run that to ground. And also referred me to an orthopedist (he felt strongly the pain was musculoskeletal from an older hip injury, which in fact, it turned out to be just that).

          The urologist confirmed the anomaly and an MRI (inconclusive), ultrasound (inconclusive) and a (tiny bit invasive) biopsy later, I heard the best words you can hear in a doctor’s office: “Well, you don’t have cancer…see you later. Oh and your BP is really good.”

          So….do not hesitate to switch primary care physicians. I love my PCP and the main Piedmont Hospital location (there are others) is just super convenient for me.

          73 de JG/HamWithCam

    • Stacy Fox says:

      I’m surprised I have an lung left after all I’ve coughed up these past few days. Just got my hands on some benzonatate (Rx cough pills)….oh, if you’ve been as miserable as I, I highly recommend! Feel better and safe travels!

      • Stacy Fox says:


      • ITP Lurker says:

        Oh no, Stacy! Hang in there!

        And apparently this blog is set to eat any words of encouragement, as a post went into thin air earlier. In short, call today for an appointment with your primary doctor next week, Paulie. Most specialists are going to require a referral, and transfer of your medical records, plus they tend to stay booked for weeks.

        • Stacy Fox says:

          Thank you, Lurker! At this point it’s starting to sound worse than it feels (thank heavens!)… I’m sure it’s more annoying to my colleagues than anything at this point, having to listen to me. 😉

        • I’m currently Coughie McCoughalot in our office. I may use it as an excuse to leave early, you know, so people don’t have to hear me. 😉

  3. Barb says:

    Tired of rain – tired of cold rain – I never want snow, but I’d rather have it than this cold rain.
    Mom said they have way too much snow in Iowa – they actually called off school yesterday.
    Win some big money at Bingo!!!

  4. I have a feeling that the next four days will be “meat days”, mostly because I have very little self-restraint when around others eating meat. 🙄

  5. ITP Lurker says:

    Either the comment system is broken or I’ve been deemed persona non grata here. Two earlier comments never appeared. If it’s the latter, well, I expected that eventually. Guess it’s been nice knowin’ ya’ll.

  6. HamWithCam says:

    BTW, Lurker/others, whatever happened to the “OK Cafe” lunch deal?
    (Errr, I’m free….most all next week.) 🙂

    73 de JG/HamWithCam

    • Steve says:


      Paulie can regale us with tales of beating blue haired old ladies out of their SS checks at bingo.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      OK Cafe just isn’t convenient for me to get to. I have plans to try to instigate an ITP-reader lunch in April at Rosa’s Pizza downtown on Broad Street. Given my work schedule I don’t make it out for lunch very often, and as charming as ya’ll are, spending time in traffic at lunch time just doesn’t work for me when I do get a chance to get out.

      • HamWithCam says:

        I hear you regarding OK Cafe location, traffice, etc.

        I am happy to swing by and get you, enroute to get Steve/Paulie.
        Easy for me, as I have a flexible schedule.

        Literally on my way.

        73 de JG/HamWithCam

        • ITP Lurker says:

          Thank you for the offer. I’ll consider it in the future, but collectively it takes a bigger chunk out of my day to go that far afield. I’m generally teaching online at 12:00 or 1:00, so lunches out don’t work for me very often. Breakfast, though, is wide open…

        • Steve says:

          And Rosa’s Pizza works too! MARTA is smarta.

  7. At my hotel in south Georgia and one of my long-time genetic defects is rearing its ugly head. ☹️ What a life I am leading.

    Hitting the road again early tomorrow morning.

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