Slow and disinterested morning. Hoping to pick up steam and get started soon.

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  1. Stacy Fox says:

    Had a fun night with a change of trivia venue last night: Venkman’s. Their trivia is dubbed “(not annoying) Trivia” and I gotta say: they are correct. The format is beautiful and oh-so-not annoying! The questions are all put up on a screen via old school overhead projector and there’s no DJ chatter at all. Each question you get 2 minutes to answer and then they write the answer out underneath the question. (often with funny little tidbits) So all along they just keep playing music, you can talk to your fellow folks, you don’t have to listen to stupid DJ jokes or wait 5 minutes each time for a dang song to end… it’s quite nice! And we came in 1st place, naturally. 😉 (heehee)

    The best thing though was the team name my buddy Alan came up with: “My Parents Bribed Me into MIT and Now I’m a Boeing Engineer.”

    8pm every Wednesday night if anyone ever feels like joining us!

  2. Barb says:

    I’m tired today.
    Allan (& maybe me) may go up to Condo’s estate sale – it starts today, thru the weekend.
    Selling everything.
    We need some cast iron for the new gas range we will be getting – seeing what kind of deals there are to be had on that.
    Susan (Head Nurse) is up there now, and set some aside for us.

    • As a person committing to own less I can’t go to someone else’s estate sale…

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Cast iron, meaning skillets? I just installed a new gas stove and didn’t need to procure any cast iron.

      • Barb says:

        Allan feels we MUST start using cast iron skillets, etc. when we get the new range.
        We can’t with the flat top electric we have now.
        He’s crazy, but you should all know that by now.

        We got a dutch oven (for camping, etc) a big wok, that is I think brand new, and a couple smaller skillets. there were many, many more, but I want the rock bottom price on any others.
        and – 5 different colored nice plastic cutting boards, not sure why we needed 5, but at $5 each, Allan thought we did.

        The one useless to me thing that I wanted was a HUGE Knife with handles on both ends to cut a big wheel of cheese. Allan said no – we have no where to keep it.

        • ITP Lurker says:

          AH! That makes sense, in a fashion. 😉 I replaced one gas stove with another. I’ve never had one of those flat electric stoves, and so it wasn’t on my radar about not being able to use cast iron with them. We have a Le Creuset dutch oven that is pretty much our go-to. I mean, between that and a little cast-iron skillet, we’re good to go in that arena.

          And just how often do you bring giant wheels of cheese home to need such a huge knife? 😉

          • barb says:

            that’s exactly why I didn’t buy it – I have never bought a HUGE WHEEL OF CHEESE. it was just a cool thing.
            our friend was a chef his whole life – the amount of kitchen gadgets was AMAZING.

          • Stacy Fox says:

            Maybe he wanted the knife so you could START bringing home giant wheels of cheese? Because that’s a solid plan.

  3. steve says:

    In late as I’m working an install tonight that doesn’t start until 6:30.

    The mower died. I started it up, began cutting, made a couple passes, then heard a sharp, mechanical “snap” and had smoke coming out of the engine from odd places. Between taking care of the Ben Hilton, then our little spread, he had a hard life. I’m glad it was quick. Since the ground wasn’t too soft, I fired up the tractor and put the finish (not to be confused with Finnish) mower on. In the process, banged my shin into one of the mounts (think trailer hitch!). OW.

    I saw the post about Condo’s estate sale. Let me know if they have a lawn mower. I really don’t need much. Push is fine.


    • Barb says:

      le’s just say the Estate sale people worked really, really hard to make that place not look like Hoarders Buried Alive………
      I figure we may go back Sunday & see if they drop some prices.
      there are 1 million knives, about 100 wisks, and so many other things………

  4. I passed up free meat at lunch? Who am I?!?!

    So far I have not (knowingly) eaten meat in March.

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