Interesting weekend, time to get back on the fitness horse.

Guitar legend Dick Dale passed away over the weekend. Happy to say that I was able to see him perform a few times at The EARL; knew I should have made an effort to see him again when he was here last year.

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  1. Steve says:

    What a memorable sound he had…

    How was the swim meet?

    Saturday evening was the Hunt Ball. Debbie was in change of the silent auction items. I was outbid on a nice bottle of bourbon with tray and glasses and she was outbid on lots of things! The band was great as always and we danced quite a bit.

    Met an old friend and his new wife for Mexican lunch Sunday. He had a shop vac he was getting rid of and I needed a bigger one, so we were able to deal.

    A ride of 24 miles or so in the afternoon. My first ride on the road bike (on the road) in some months. My quads feel it today- and they did last night as well.

    Taxes done. U.G.L.Y. $6200. I hope that makes you feel a little better Paulie.


    • Swim meet was fine. A lot of the things this weekend didn’t work out as I planned/hoped, but that’s always going to be the case.

      Good for you getting out to ride. I need to do the same, as well as be more strict about getting daily exercise.

      I also need to start getting some real shit done in my life, see also – health, home, finances.

      Your unfortunate position doesn’t make me feel better, I still have to fork over $4000 more.

  2. Barb says:

    I went for a longer than I planned walk with Sal & JoAnna’s dogs Saturday (she is dog sitting) – what we had thought would be 4-5 miles, ended up being 6.7 miles.
    it was a nice day -so I was glad to get the extra exercise.

    Went to Jeff Foxworthy last minute with some friends since someone was sick – he’s pretty funny – and – it was a sea of white people at the Cobb Energy Center. Great venue.

    Black Sheep yesterday was interesting – lost trail early – found a fake mark (Long Cut thinks people drive around before trail looking for marks) so Davey, Just Licks & I went that way anyway. We wandered thru some lovely woods, followed a creek, just guessing what way we thought the hares would be going. And – eventually – we just happened on some flour!!! got to the beer stop, just licks was told a short cut from there, and it was maybe 100 yards to the end. We ended up with just under 3 miles, but if we’d gone back out on trail it would have been a 6 mile trail, so we were happy to call it a day. And – we got to miss the chest high flooded water at Rope Mill Park.

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