Not chilly this morning so I was up and at it, trying to learn Swift and lost track of the time. Oops.

Scheduled no-event night tonight; it’s a much-needed break in my self-imposed hectic schedule.

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  1. Stacy Fox says:

    No nights are the best. Looking at one myself.

    So Amazing Race season #1,285 began last night (okay, #31)… this thing has been on since 2001. I’m assuming you don’t watch it anymore Paulie, but I do remember some fond times guessing on who would finish last each week. The best was some of the nicknames you came up with for the team. 🙂

    • Actually I do still watch, but since I watch nothing else on broadcast tv failed to realize that it had started again. Thanks!

    • Harrumph! iTunes allowed me to purchase Season 31 of “The Amazing Race” twice (I didn’t think it worked the first time because the button was still enabled so I tried again). I may have to figure out how to get a refund from Apple, or contest the second purchase with AmEx.

      • Stacy Fox says:

        Well YAY! I have folks to watch Amazing Race with then! This makes me happy. I’ll never watch it in real time, but typically will the morning after before heading to work.

        I will look forward to your clever team names, Paulie. 😉

        This season it’s a bunch of folks who participated on either Survivor, Amazing Race, or Big Brother in the past. Since I watch all 3 I think it should be fun. The only season of Amazing Race I didn’t watch was the family one… I don’t think this “game” is for kids. Plus, I hate kids so didn’t want to watch them (hahaha).

    • Barb says:

      My DVR has it recorded – I’m ready to watch Amazing Race!!

      Brush painting with oil based primer- not fun. I make a mess when using a brush – but its small areas and I have to. Got a drip on my toe, not sure if mineral spirits will remove my toe polish, so right now have a pick & white toenail.

      Allan did a hell of a job getting some of the 60 year old linoleum up, its glued to plywood, on top of the subfloor. Not sure how he did it, but the floor is over 1/2 removed. I think we will need to break down & remove the sink & stove by early next week – then it will be really like camping for the next month or 2.

      I realized I did ok and am somewhat organized that I found in my boxes what we needed for dinner last night – steak seasoning, angel hair pasta, olive oil, aluminum foil. Decided we needed a real dinner last night.
      And I found the blender to make a smoothie this morning.

  2. It’s a virtual Friday here at “XYZ Corp” as we inexplicably get Good Friday as a paid vacation day (I’m not complaining). However my freedom will be interrupted in the morning as I will finally be getting in to see a doctor about my health issues.

  3. barb says:

    BTW – are you (& Bonnie too) going to ride Easter ride Sunday & picnic?
    Rambo Nrsery trailhead.
    10am start – looks like the weather should be ok.

    • Yes, we both plan to be there Sunday. Is there an updated food list so we can figure out what foods we should bring? As we all know, I’m not on FB, and Bonnie isn’t able to see the private page.

      • barb says:

        here’s what I’ve seen –
        BEVERAGES – bring what you like!
        candied bacon
        chocolate swirl brioche loaves(?)
        bagels & lox
        some sort of scrambled egg hash (with sausage or bacon)
        I’m making pimento cheese Deviled eggs
        after that – no idea – bring whatever you like!

  4. Steve says:

    Back from the doctor. Everything seems fine- review of last years numbers (even the cholesterol was OK). He’s a promoter of exercise instead of meds, so that’ aligns with me well. My BP was high when I went to the DiaB for my bronchitis a couple of months ago- much better today.

    Rode with Debbie and Phinney for a bit last night. Over to Bear Creek and then home on the road. Crashed in deep sand when I stalled and couldn’t get unclipped. Debbie knew better that to laugh and Phinney didn’t spook, so all good.

    Taking Debbie to get an MRI for her headaches tomorrow or I’d ping you to go ride.


    • Barb says:

      glad the doctor says you are ok.
      I hope Debbie gets some relief from the headaches. I hate headaches (and I got a good one last night from the Kilz odor)

      • Steve says:

        The doctor that prescribed the MRI also gave her a script for a self-injectable (once every 28 days) that has stopped the headaches, so there’s that!

  5. I received an email from AT&T alerting me that my iPad’s data plan was going to increase by $5/month (from $25/month to $30/month) starting in May. Nope, not for me. I have canceled my iPad’s data plan. For the first time since buying an original iPad when they were first released many years ago I have decided to see what life is like without cellular service on my iPad. Wish me luck.

    • Barb says:

      I have never had data on my iPad. I just use it with Wifi. And – I usually use it at home – for playing on FB, games, etc.

    • Bonnie says:

      I ditched my iPad’s data a while back as well. While there are a few instances I wish I still had it, it’s not enough to convince me to start paying for it again. However, I believe I was only paying $10 a month for my data. I do see you with your iPad out and about a bit… while I don’t know what you were doing with it most of the time, it will be interesting to see if you are frustrated without data or not.

    • Lack of maps, weather, and email will be the things which cause pain/frustration, but hopefully not $30/month worth. We’ll see…

      Heck, if I can get buy without cellular service I can save $120 on the price of the next big iPad I buy as well.

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