Hummus for breakfast.

Except for the fact that I was the harbinger for losing on Saturday when all three teams for which I was rooting — Werder Bremen, Atlanta United, Georgia Swarm — lost their respective games, it was a wonderful weekend.

I will be the first to say the the pedestrian doesn’t ALWAYS have the right of way, but when I have the walk signal and you are turning, I demand that you stop. You rightfully assume that didn’t occur for me this morning and I was a bit perturbed.

“Wee Is Risen #2, The Resurrection” occurs tonight; 7:30pm start at Glenwood Park Kroger. It’s not going to be my best effort, but whatever. At least I will get some much-needed exercise by walking my trail.

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  1. Stacy Fox says:

    I was seriously planning to do your trail tonight and then got an email that vendors are in town and taking us to dinner at King + Duke tonight and you know this girl can’t pass up a free meal (& martinis). I’ve never been before but the menu looks good! Just wish these folks would stop making me have to go to Buckhead. 😉

    Good weekend here too, if not anything to write home about. Had a friend over to watch the soccer game (ESPN playing mind games with us, flipping it back and forth between stations) and finally saw the Matrix. Only, you know, 20 years later. *grin* I’d write about it here but don’t want to spoil it for anyone. 😉 Legit though, it was nothing like I had expected. So, huh. Sunday saw me cleaning out the DVR and then heading downtown to have a homemade Easter dinner with friends. Lots of food, egg-coloring, and of course an Easter egg hunt in his condo’s courtyard. I brought the eggs stuffed with candy, of course.

    This week is BURGER WEEK folks! Go get your burgers on. http://www.atlburgerweek.com/

    • Yeah at Marlow’s Tavern in Duluth we asked to watch the United game and realized the tv was already on ESPN. When we saw that the softball game was not being preempted we asked them to tune to ESPNews. Then, when that channel started showing boxing, we had to ask them to tune back to ESPN. 🤦🏻‍♂️

      I’ve still never seen “The Matrix”.

      • Barb says:

        The Matrix – I saw it way back when, didn’t really like it – but then, it isn’t my “type” of movie. Maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention, who knows.

  2. Steve says:

    Well, damn. Had I known you were haring, I might have made an effort to cum.

    Saturday was a weird day for getting anything done, with the weather so off. Sunday, we made it to Debbie’s niece’s house for Easter get together. Such a nice day after Saturday.

    Finally pulled the trigger on a lawn mower- small, self propelled Craftsman from Lowes. There were some cheaper and others- why would you need an all wheel drive lawn mower? But this has the larger wheels on the back and there were times I didn’t even realize I was pushing and not engaging the drive wheels. Not as much fun as driving the tractor, but easier on the yard. Took about twice as long, and I might cry a bit if it’s really hot out, but otherwise the yard looks good.

    NO exercise! Ugh.

    Thursday is Rosa’s Pizza!


    • Sorry, didn’t really promote since I know this will be far from my finest effort.

      All day (and night) Saturday I kept repeating “it wasn’t supposed to rain today!”

    • Stacy Fox says:

      Have we decided a time for Rosa’s? I blocked off a big chunk of my calendar so no one could schedule meetings during lunch. Somehow folks like to do that. Pisses me off.

    • bob says:

      *****Suburban white Dad post warning*********
      Steve you will love that Craftsman, I have had mine for over 10 years and it has been awesome. I even left gas in it from last season and it started on the first pull last week. I can’t seem to kill this thing.

      • Barb says:

        I’d love a new mower, ours is WAY TOO HEAVY, its a Honda I think commercial grade. I’d like to kill it – but it doesn’t die.

    • I still find it intriguing that Lowe’s bought the Craftsman name.

      • Steve says:

        It’s odd to me as well, but it makes sense since Sears is dead, they just don’t know it yet. I had a beater mower I bought from “American Fare” (remember them?) on Mountain Industrial, back when I lived in Tucker (1st administration). It finally gave up the ghost a couple years ago. Fairly indestructible.

        And who all was on the Easter ride?

      • Riders: Sarah (duh!), Sally, Barb, Bonnie, me, Bob, Laura, Travis, Mike (“Coach”), Little Willie, John (“Mango”), Kat.

        Non-riders: Stephanie, “Martha”, Jerry, three other women that I didn’t know.

  3. Did thirty miles on Silver Comet yesterday, then ruined all that good work with delicious food and wine. Whoops!

  4. Barb says:

    Weekend was way too busy, but that was good.
    Saturday made deviled eggs for Sunday, went to Chamblee to get the vent hood for the cabinet guy to build around.
    Painted (or should say primed more with Kilz, oil based paints are not my thing, I make a mess & you can’t clean up with water).
    Swarm game was fun – new to me sport – so shocked so many people were there!

    Sunday – excellent bike ride & picnic – got to catch up with Willie & Kat riding, and everyone else at the picnic.
    Got home & cleaned up & then went to Easter dinner at Panty Waste & Buttsucker’s house – thought it was going to be a small group, but Liz cant’ do anything small, it was dinner for 16. Good times to catch up with that crowd.

    I’m tired today……….

  5. And if anyone needs a breakdown from the Wests Tigers v. Parramatta Eels rugby game from Australia that started at 2am, I can fill you in. Yes, I was awake then.

    • Steve says:


      I was awake at 3 to let the dogs out, then again at 3:30 when Lola wanted to go out again- that landed her in her box.

    • barb says:

      I was sleeping – and I don’t think I’d be watching rugby even if I was awake.

  6. And, happy Earth Day everyone!

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