I find it fascinating that I can ride a bicycle for sixty miles in four hours, but I struggle to run for eight minutes.

I’m also struggling at work, and will be trying to figure out my bugs today while at the Waschsalon. If I am successful my exercise today will be “running” the SLUT hash.

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  1. Ah the hypocrisy of “Good Morning America” saying that people spend too much time looking at their phone screens…

  2. Steve says:

    And we’re off to a big start today. The tire pressure alarm went off this morning as I rolled up 85. Decided I’d get to somewhere with some light to inspect. As I got off the main Newnan exit, I knew it was a real flat. Rolled ever so carefully to my Goodyear shop and ran (literally) to catch the bus. Had it been a mile later, my morning would have been much worse!

    I hope to get on my bike this evening, but other things may be happening instead.

    Happy (my) Friday!


  3. Stacy Fox says:

    That’s some luck there, Steve! Glad everything turned out ok!

    Last night played trivia again and, as always, came up with a team name relevant to current events. Since everyone’s screaming about spoilers this week (Endgame, Game of Thrones, etc.) we figured we’d do something with that. Ended up being: “Spoiler Alert: We Win!”

    heeheehee Good thing we did! 🙂 The other teams got a good giggle out of it too so all’s good.

    So I sent my brother (the good one, not the one who just “disowned” me bahahaha there’s a story) the link to the May 1 song yesterday and he sent me this one back…. enjoy.


  4. Had to walk outside to get my badge and worked up a sweat, at 9am. Going to be a hot one…

  5. Bonnie says:

    My (and Paulie’s) friend Wendy is a novice bike-rider (I think she’s been on a bike once or twice since childhood). She’s wanted to bike to the Westside trail today (from Summerhill) so even though she’s never ridden off-pavement before she tackled the Southside Trail and rocked it! After transitioning onto the Westside Trail, we got as far as the new Boxcar restaurant at Lee + White and had a beer and shared a yummy kale and quinoa bowl then turned around. She did 11.5 miles. Proud of her!

    Trail Update: Pryor Street bridge is back open, yay! Metropolitan Parkway bridge is now under construction and closed, boo! No way to get down to street level that I could see, plus there were workers there. (The access point for the Westside Trail is right on the other side of the bridge.) So we had to backtrack to Pryor, carry bikes down to street level, then use University to proceed to the Westside trail.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Thank you for the trail update, very helpful! I’ve walked to the Westside a couple of times, but haven’t biked it yet. But I will soon!

      This week I learned that every Weds. morning a 20 mile ride commences at 6:15 am from Loose Nuts bike shop in Grant Park. I might give it a try at some point this summer.

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