Good times yesterday doing my normal routine, sadly that did not involve being outside much, nor exercising.

Managed to stay up coding past midnight as I work on my first portfolio app. I’m behind schedule but am trying to do this “right” since I expect it to be one of a handful of apps I highlight whenever I attempt to find a new job.

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9 Responses to 2019-05-15

  1. Steve says:

    Today marks 24 years at the Fed. yippee.

    I have figured out I am around 25 pounds heavier now than when I regularly rode around Stone Mountain. Those hills are no friend of mine. My ride yesterday was only 12 miles and I was sucking air a lot of the time. Ugh. Lots of folks on the loop on a beautiful day.


    • Congrats!

      Those hills have never been my friend.

      I know your Sundays are often pre-scheduled, but if you are free this coming Sunday Wheelhopper is starting at Arches Brewing in Hapeville. I’m considering attending; I wonder if the hares know that Arches is supposedly closed on Sundays…

      • Steve says:

        Ohhh… that’s a great idea!

        I’m taking tomorrow off, as I’m working Saturday. Unless Debbie has another idea, that could work out.

      • Barb says:

        I would hope that they know fi the brewery is closed, since Fuckeye lives down near there.
        We hope to make it to the hash as well.

        24 years! whoooohooooo.
        BTW- did I tell you that Kat Karnes did get that job she interviewed for at the Fed? I think she starts about June 1 ish.

    • Stacy Fox says:

      Yay, congrats Steve! Happy anniversary! 🙂

      I currently have next Monday off work…. celebratory lunch in Midtown?

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