Late to the office today, 7:00am, and am already really behind. I’ll check in whenever I can come up for air.

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  1. Steve says:

    The possibility of rain gives me hope today. I have hesitated cutting the grass as I know it needs water and maybe we will get a bit. The forecast for the weekend is also wet, so my planned ride on Saturday and hash Sunday may be washed away.

    The wireless on the MARTA train has been hacked- at least the car I was in. After signing in, you went straight to a porn site, and not a very good one (ew!). I’ve emailed Marta, but don’t expect much back from them.


    • Don’t let a little rain stop you from hashing…

      My street is having its first block party on Saturday, weather permitting I suppose.

      Ew, that sucks about MARTA.

  2. Barb says:

    so much fun coming back tot he office after 4 days off………… NOT!!!!

    flight landed about 20 minutes early, and we actually had a gate last night, so I got home a little earlier than expected. Long day with 7.5 hours in a car, then 2 hours on a plane.
    Family time was good, but frustrating – getting old sucks. My Dad just isn’t the same, and he is better at home, so being out of his routing really messes him up. And my mom is just so forgetful. The 2 of them together are an interesting combo. I told my siblings, never again will we be gone more than 2 days like that. and unless someone accompanies them on a airplane, there is no way for them to fly anymore.

  3. Yesterday I made medical appointments; hit both side of coin in that one wasn’t available until my birthday on 7/22, and the other is next Tuesday morning.

    Today my body is fighting something off. Poop.

  4. barb says:

    SUBJECT LINES – why do people not understand their purpose?????
    that’s my pet peeve of the day.
    I have 3000 emails to sort thru – and co-workers just keep using the same subject line for things that need new ones!!!!

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