Test result in — I’m not as healthy as I could be, but I also not necessarily on death’s door. Given my family health history look for me to increase my exercise, “improve” my food choices, and attempt to lower my weight. Perhaps by doing these I can lower my chances of something catastrophic happening, or need for a drastic measure occurring, in the future. And who knows, maybe this will also make my Tuesday weight reporting a little more joyous again.

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  1. And in the Poison Ivy department, I have a new spot on my left calf. I assume it’s from Sunday’s Black Sheep, even though I was covered head to-toe. I didn’t wipe down my legs because I thought that i would be jumping into the pool, but never did.

  2. Steve says:

    Glad to hear you aren’t dying quite yet. Hopefully, you will be entertaining us for many more years.

    After every Games, my partner and I review our notes on what went right and what could be changed or improved. Last year, we reviewed the 2017 notes about a week before the event. I made a mental note to check them in JUNE to see if we could actually apply the lessons and we accomplished that yesterday. I call that a win.

    Oil change for the Mazda completed, though the Jiffy Lube seemed challenged when I asked for 20w50- yes they had it but couldn’t find it in the computer. I’m such a troublemaker.


    • Thanks. Yesterday’s result doesn’t alleviate all of the health problems from which I suffer however. I just need to keep soldiering on I suppose…

      Soon I will be taking the M6 for its 60k mile service. December will mark the 5-year anniversary of owning the “five-year” car, hopefully I can outlive another.

      • Steve says:

        I’m at 246k and there will be a celebration when I go over 250k!!

      • Barb says:

        Glad the doctor said you are ok.
        the 60,000 mile deal isn’t cheap (or at least it wasn’t at Subaru)
        Hopefully my car will be not costing me any money for a while, after that last engine issue repair. (knocking on wood)

        I’m at 65,000 or so in 5 & a half years. If I get to 250,000 – that will be amazing, for the little mileage we drive.

        • I’m ok-ish. According to yesterday’s result, changes need to occur. Also, there are still other bothersome and worrisome (genetic?) issues with which I must deal.

          Your car seems too new to be costing you big money. Hopefully whatever you just had done keeps you rolling along with nothing more than routine maintenance in the near future .

  3. Barb says:

    Spent last night priming the drywall in the kitchen, I’ve come to dislike painting. But – its one of the things I can do to help get this kitchen done.
    Cabinets (or at least some of the cabinets) are coming sometime between Thursday & Saturday, the humid weather is making the drying time longer.
    We are getting closer!
    now I really have to figure out countertops & the backsplash. I don’t’ want to make the decision, because I have to live with it forever!

    • Cool. Continued success with the kitchen. Will there be an unveiling party?

      • Barb says:

        there will be a party – just exactly when – no one knows………..
        I also will need to learn how to use the Wolf stove. I’m seriously thinking about taking a class at the showroom in Buckhead.

  4. Huh, Chris Froome crashed reccying at the Criterium du Dauphine today. While no details exists, his injuries are apparently bad enough to scratch him from the Tour de France.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Glad to hear my friend Paulie is OK(ish). Once again, in solidarity I’ll try and help you accomplish your goals, while also helping myself too. 🙂

    To join in everyone else’s car talk, the A/C conked out in the Cavalier yesterday. Ugh. It’s already been overhauled in the past. I know it’s about to turn 20 years old in October, but still. It only has 93,000 miles on it but after 20 years things just wear out… The Accord turns 19 this December. I’m no stranger to car repairs, and I *think* it’s cheaper than a car payment… Maybe…

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