Nothing earth-shaking to report today. My biggest accomplishment since Monday’s hash has been applying the current year’s sticker onto the M6’s license plate.

I need to figure out how to get exercise today before heading over to our friend Betsy’s for dinner. It’s my turn to cook, and i have eaten meat the past two days, so I am going to try vegetarianize (not a word) this Thai Coconut (Milk) Beef recipe.

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5 Responses to 2019-07-24

  1. Barb says:

    went to The Container Store last night over in Paulie’s old work stomping grounds.
    Trying to find a couple things to make my kitchen more organized.
    Found a few things that work, and some things I will probably return.

    The one thing I can’t find easily is a tall, square garbage container. We have a separate pull out for recycle, but I like to keep the grocery plastic bags separate (sometimes I forget to take my own bags) and I wanted to get a smaller (square) container so I can also fit the plastic bags in that space. I hate paying shipping, so I thought maybe I could waste gas & go look at things in person. Maybe IKEA – might head over there one day soon. (or I break down & pay shipping)

    • Steve says:

      The internet is your friend. I think you should just put in the dimensions and find what you need.

  2. Steve says:

    Enjoying vacation day number 1 but not flying to Boston. TdF has a break of 34 riders at 8 minutes. QOTD after Christian and Chris were discussing motors and the draft- “if a TV motor has to suddenly stop on a descent, the cameraman will be launched like a lawn dart”.

    Feeling very loved with all the comments on FB (and here, of course) after my little incident. Thank you all. Debbie gets extra credit- caregiving is not her strong suit but she stepped up. I love you sweetie.


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