Managed to convince myself to get out and (finally) do some lawn mowing last night. It was much-needed, but I have to say that my hipster lawnmower struggles to knock down tall, wispy weeds. In addition to house repairs, I really need to hire some labor to come out and do a major cleanup of my yards; it’s far too large of a job for me to handle.

Already a productive morning as I’ve stopped for a bagel with cream cheese and coffee, filled the M6 with gas at Kroger, and am currently at the Waschsalon washing a figurative shit-ton of dirty laundry. Am am also flooding my ears with white noise in an attempt to drown out the inane-to-me banter that is coming from “Good Morning America” on the television.

Tonight I expect to cook myself dinner, reorganize my camping gear in anticipation of trips upcoming, and hopefully spend some time coding.

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11 Responses to 2019-07-26

  1. Waschsalon is really busy this morning, good thing I got here early today.

  2. Stacy says:

    Do we all have bagels on the mind? I stopped for one too this morning! Only worth exclaiming about because I can’t remember the last time I did. Then I get to work and find out… It’s National Bagelfest Day! Well, there we have it then. 🙂

    Fun weekend on tap. Yacht Rock Schooner at Park Tavern tonight and then headed to Grindhouse Burgers after to catch the Atlanta United game on TV with the Footie Mob crew. It doesn’t start until 10pm since we’re out in L.A. All ITP-Readers please feel welcomed to come join!

    • Barb says:

      I wish I could stay up & out that late tonight Stacy -sounds fun.
      Allan is working again today (yesterday was the forced overtime day) so I’m on my own tonight. I really need to get ready to roadtrip next week to PA, and we are tent camping with the Nittany Valley hash, so we need to find all sorts of things we haven’t used in quite a while.

  3. Barb says:

    Good job on getting the grass & weeds – it sucks when the grass gets too long – so much more work.
    We got some of the cabinet doors & drawer fronts installed yesterday, but not all.
    he said they should all be done by Monday. We will see.
    But – it looks good so far.

    I decided to walk the 4 miles to Harry’s Pizza to meet up with Sal & her running store buddies for trivia last night – I wasn’t much help with the trivia answers, but it was fun. The MC has a terrible mic, and I couldn’t understand half of his questions. I guess the rest of the gang is used to him, so I just was there to mainly hang out.

  4. Oh yeah Bundesliga 2, the German second-division soccer league, returns today! Woot! 🙂

    And somehow, the Tour de France ends Sunday… ☹️

  5. Steve says:

    Off to Highlands NC shortly for at least a little vacation. Found last night that an official friend is in Bar Harbor for the weekend. Funny, that was our original plan as well.

    Tractor recovery complete. A large JD and a couple chains and he popped right out of the bog. Even washed it last night, mostly to get the mud off but to also check for damage. I know the stabilizers on the PTO are missing- not because of the mud but just came loose.

    Great weekend all.


  6. Dammit! I was in a meeting when all of the excitement in today’s TdF stage occurred.

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