Another fun weekend, most of which were spent in Newnan(!).

This morning I arrived to “XYZ Corp” to find our badging system out of order. Will I have more free time on my hands? A while ago I would have welcomed that, but I really need the healthcare these days. Time will tell.

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  1. Gave up waiting in the lobby and have ventured out for breakfast. Wanted to eat at Silver Skillet, but didn’t want to do the walk. I have landed at Panera Bread where I am eating an egg and cheese bagel, while drinking coffee, and surfing the Internet.

  2. Steve says:

    That’s never a good sign! I figure if my badge still opens the door, I still have a job.

    A very good weekend all around. My ankle is in distress from running and pulling my foot out of the mud repeatedly. I iced it last night, which helped, but as I got in the car this morning, I stepped at an odd angle and almost cried out in pain. My Endomondo said 4.67 miles yesterday- my longest run of the year!!! Shame.

    Debbie has decided to come to the Enema retirement party on Wednesday. She better, as she will be my ride home as I’ll take the bus in the morning!!


  3. Barb says:

    Sounds like Black Sheep was fun, I slipped a LOT on the wet & mossy trails we did in PA.
    Nittany Valley hash was fun, but damn those people never sleep.
    Band played until 1230am or so Friday night , DJ finally stopped at about 0230am Sunday morning. (DJ is a hasher, so she was camping).
    I knew more people there than I ever thought I would (Porkyman from ??, Watergate & Jingle from DC, Mr Jackson & GI from Rumson, some Nittany Valley folks I’d met before at InterAms). Met a hasher that now lives in Athens, (named Duh – you will understand after talking to her for a while) and she wants to hash here in GA. She thinks her hubby (also a hasher, but he seems ) might not be all hip to that idea, but I told her I’d get in touch when I see a hash she would enjoy.
    12 hour drive home was uneventful but very long yesterday.

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