Slow start to my day today.

Had a good time at last night’s soccer match even if my seat wasn’t as good as Bonnie’s, my beer was not my first choice (Hopsecutioner wasn’t sold near my seat), and the $3 pizza slices I ate were awful.

Wednesday Tale of the Tape (since I forgot yesterday): 213.4 pounds (0.0 from last week’s weigh-in); surprisingly!

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  1. Steve says:

    It seems that all these teams do is play for “cups”. Is this part of the regular season as well?

    My scale keeps going up because there hasn’t been enough exercise. Hopefully I will rectify that this evening. I also hear there will be a ride on Monday from my house with Saddle Sores (Kathryn) who is coming to see the new horse and donkey- who will hopefully arrive this weekend.

    Lunch plans are still online for tomorrow with KKGB, as far as I know.


  2. Bonnie says:

    Yeah another game, another Club 😉. This time I had access to the Mercedes-Benz Club, which is about the same as the Delta Club. Watched the first half of the game from our seats, and the second half from the on-field viewing area. I would have preferred to stay in our seats because I couldn’t really see well from the sideline as I’m short and I wasn’t on the rail. I just couldn’t get into it down there. Ate another $3 vegan hotdog and was talked into Sublime Doughnuts again. Oh, and Hopsecutioner.

    Paulie, you know I was just teasing about my seats. 😉 I usually sit really high up. And I would never have purchased Club seats for a regular game—re-sale tickets were MUCH cheaper for this U.S. Open Cup.

    • Oh I know you were poking fun, as was I.

      I was in section 231 and paid full price because I bought the ticket from a friend.

      I would have much preferred a $3 vegan hot dog over the pizza I are.

  3. Beautiful day in Atlanta to go outside. I just returned from a walk to Whole Foods where I did some window shopping, and picked up an Amazon delivery.

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