I just had to keep reminding myself the “$20 is much cheaper than getting a DUI”, and that’s how I justified taking two $10 Lyft rides — to New Realm Brewery, and returning home. Had it not been 95°F I would have walked or ridden a bicycle there, but since I didn’t want to be a mass of sweat upon arrival, I car-shared instead.

Why my buddy wanted to sit in the un-air-conditioned upstairs bar still baffles me, but at least I was appropriately clothed for the weather conditions.

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  1. Steve says:

    You likely made a good choice. Especially if there is a beer you know you like.

    I was still so wiped yesterday, I made no effort to get to the Games meeting last night. Glad to be home at a reasonable hour, despite having a lane closed on 85 at 285- unless it was a piece of road failure, who works on the road during rush hour?

    A little time spent on my MTB last night. I’m pretty sure I was asleep by 9:30.


  2. Barb says:

    we had a pretty boring evening – I wanted to go for a walk, but once we got going, I wasn’t’ really in the mood – so just made it up the street a little ways – bought a lottery ticket, and then worked out way back home.

    Started thinking about food for the camping weekend – still haven’t figured out what to make for dinner Friday and Saturday, but I am going to make some chicken salad & some pimento cheese to have as snacks with crackers.
    We will bring the grill – so maybe burgers one of the nights.

    and- I really want to hike at Cloudland, but I sort of want to ride at the same time. I’m very torn on what to do on Saturday. not sure if there will be anyone “slow” to ride with -what did you guys decide?

    • Bonnie and I are thinking about food/meals too.

      We are bringing our mountain bikes, but there is a good possibility that we won’t ride the hash because neither of us are skilled riders on hilly terrain. Tonight I hope to do some research about the hiking up there, perhaps we can discuss at lunch tomorrow.

    • Bonnie says:

      Yeah, I definitely need some exercise of some sort over the weekend to counteract food and beverages!!!

    • bob says:

      I am told the hiking around there is really nice, and like you said it is a canyon so there are definitely some hills.
      I’m going to try to ride 5 points on Friday since the hash will be elsewhere. I hear there is a of of downhill on the hash too but not sure where exactly it will be (except not 5 points). Patrick usually puts together a good trail and has short options too. I would recommend riding the hash.
      Food? oh yeah, I guess I need to start thinking about food.

      • Barb says:

        Bob- I’d like to ride the hash, but don’t want to ride by myself.
        and -I’d hate to have Allan think hehas to ride with me.
        we will see……….

  3. barb says:


    I have to keep remembering that this is a canyon, so there will be Uphill at the end.

  4. barb says:

    I went & got my new glasses for my computer here at work- I think they are too strong.
    I think they are straining my eyes as much the opposite way.

    So – back to the eye doc I will go next week.

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