After German class last night I played an elaborate game of hide-and-seek at home with inanimate objects. They are goooooood. I was seeking a check from my mother that I received last week, and in the process found a black satchel, yes perhaps that black satchel, the one I thought was stolen from my car earlier this year. It’s as if my house has become training ground for dementia.

Today will be another busy day. I have already hobbled down to Whole Foods to pick up an Amazon package delivered there yesterday. Later I shall hobble over to the Alliance Theatre’s box office, and to the Museum of Design Atlanta, to which I have recently become a member. MODA memberships are discounted 20% this month. I should probably find time to do some work today as well.

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  1. barb says:

    Did you read that RAGBRAI article?
    that was interesting -I wonder what will end up happening this summer.

    I met a friend last night that had 2 tickets to sell to a country guy (Billy Currington) at The Roxy (at the Battery) Thursday night. She’s flying to Vegas and forgot she had bought these tickets. He’s pretty good, if you like country music.
    Trying to decide where to eat at the Battery – there are quite a few options.

    • Oh yes, sorry, I meant to mention it today.

      For all who haven’t heard about this, the team that has been organizing RAGBRAI for the past 16 years abruptly resigned on Tuesday, and have announced a competing cross-Iowa ride that will occur the same week as RAGBRAI next year!

  2. Mixed bag lunch errand run.
    – bothered by a man who continued to badger me for no reason as I waited for MODA to open; bad
    – was able to get my membership packet from MODA; good
    – was unable to get a ticket for Bonnie to tomorrow night’s performance of “Small Mouth Sounds” because it is sold out; bad
    – minor amount of exercise; good

  3. ITP Lurker says:

    I wasn’t clear if Small Mouth Sounds was a band or a play (never can tell with Paulie, and that’s not a judgement, just an observation at how broad his media diet is). It’s a play, and it looks interesting to me: https://www.vanityfair.com/culture/2016/09/small-mouth-sounds-play-review

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