Oops, I meant to post earlier but got sidetracked deleting the onslaught of Black Friday emails that arrived in my inboxes.

Yesterday was a good Thanksgiving, even if I only managed thirty minutes on the trainer due in large part to my silliness. While pedaling I wanted to adjust my heart rate monitor, and as I unsnapped the strap it dropped, getting caught in the spokes and wound around the rear cassette. I had to spend a few minutes untangling it, and then attempting to wipe off the chain grease. D’Oh!

I believe that my corn pudding was a success. I brought home the leftovers but considering how long they had been sitting out decided to throw them out.

Hope you all had a wonderful day, and don’t have to deal with any shopping today, unless it’s done online of course. 😉

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  1. Steve says:

    Too much food for sure. The ducks came from Jeanette and Joe’s yard… apparently they were mean ducks, as they were quite tough. Everything else was great, especially our turkey!

    Heading to NAPA for some tank coating. Oh boy.


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