Really poking along this morning and not pleased with myself.

Last night’s Irish Stew experiment was good, but had a strong bitter finish to it that I didn’t care for. And yes, in the end I caved and:
1) went to Kroger for my vegetables
2) put fake meat (beef chunks) into it

I’d like to try making the recipe again because if I can eliminate the bitterness I think that I’d really enjoy eating it.

I want to cook tonight, but even if I skip the play for which I have a ticket (Courtenay’s Cabaret), I should go home and eat some of the many leftovers I still have at my disposal.

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18 Responses to 2019-12-12

  1. Steve says:

    Eye doctor read the chart addition of “heart attack” and said “Whoa”! Funny, I said the same.

    Treating myself to Old Hickory House for breakfast.


  2. Steve says:

    Still an OHH across 285 from Northlake mall. They are still standing, though just barely. The rest of the parcel is being redeveloped. Their building was just sold, but they have a lease through 2021, so at least that much longer. Cowtippers, a Chinese place across Memorial from “Avondale mall”, Cleveland at Stewart Ave. and a spot on Cobb Pkwy all were locations. Cat head biscuits for breakfast!

  3. Bonnie says:

    Paulie, if you don’t eat your leftovers tonight, I think you’ll end up being disappointed in yourself. I don’t plan on eating anything “good” the next couple of days—I’m saving my calories for the weekend! 🙌🏻😁

  4. Everything in my life at the moment feels like a fucking chore. I want to throw up my hands and walk away from everything.

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