Hello from a McDonald’s parking lot somewhere near Macon. I am making my trip down to Florida this morning in this shitty, spitting rain and I’ve decided to stop to eat a little breakfast.

Another fun weekend including seeing “A Christmas Carol” and running Black Sheep.

Well, I still have a long way to drive so I best get to it.

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  1. Steve says:

    For some reason, I thought you were driving down over the weekend.

    I guess Saturday was a fair day, except for being cold and windy. I was on my ass for the day with my gout. We did make it to the Christmas party Saturday evening, where we scored cute wine glasses inscribed with ” In FOX icated”. I’m sure there are already a set on their way to someone we all know and love.

    Sunday, remain in the chair all day and try to drink lots of water. Watched both mens and womens CX world cup from Namur, Belgium, where my friend Dot was president of the panel. Very cool.

    Was ready to put Debbie’s knee scooter in the car today, but got up this morning a little more mobile than yesterday. Still pinged the cardiology staff to write a script for gout meds. We’ll see…


  2. Greetings for North Florida. Thought of stopping in Gainesville (I am in a shirt that says “Go Gators”) but this rest area north of that area appeared and I wanted to stop.

    Weather is much nicer down here; wearing sunglasses now. Probably have three/four more hours of driving ahead of me.

  3. barb says:

    busy weekend –
    Saturday I found a Owl tree topper – I had never had a real topper for our tree.
    Saturday night – Harold called out sick, so we got to use he & Jill’s tickets to A Christmas Carol. It always amazes me how they have same story, but it seems different every year.
    Sunday we had our Navy friends from Guam over for dinner, and some other folks they know. Its looking pretty good they will be in Jacksonville, FL next summer. They are very excited to be back closer to friends & family.

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