Merry Christmas, friends!

I was almost good yesterday, but my day devolved as it lingered. I started the day with an almost chilly morning walk. I walked for four miles, snapping photos of the six breweries that exist near my mother’s house none of which existed when I lived here, and managed to give myself a blister on my right heel.

I had a less-than-stellar experience with my bank when they continually declined my ATM withdrawals even though I confirmed that a withdrawal attempt was performed by me.

It was the massive amount of chicken that I ate that made the evening negative. I am giving myself a pass on meat eating this week, but I should be a little better at curbing the amount that goes into my pie hole.

Anyway, have a festive day friends!

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One Response to 2019-12-25

  1. Steve says:

    I was preparing to hit the road from the office around 1 when the phone rang. Problem with the law enforcement network. By the time we had fixed that, and located another issue that will have me working Saturday, it was 3pm. By that time downtown had evacuated and I flew down the road.

    An easy half hour on the trainer as my ankle is still tender at times, followed by a delicious dinner of roasted chicken and jalapeño bacon Mac and cheese!

    Merry Christmas Paulie. Your blog is a constant gift to s.


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