I did skip German class last night, and except for the glacial traffic I found myself in at 5pm it was the correct decision for me. By freeing up my evening I was able to stop at Kroger to purchase the bag of salad and sweet potato that comprised my dinner, as well as put in a 45 minute workout on my trainer. Cycling season will be here before you know it!

At Kroger I also purchased an avocado that was to be the highlight of my breakfast today, that was until I sliced it open and saw how much decay had already happened inside. I swear that it didn’t feel that soft when I picked it up. ☹️

Tonight is a Betsy get-together. It is my turn to cook and have not yet decided what we will eat…

Tuesday Morning Weigh-In (because I forgot that yesterday was Tuesday) – 214.4 pounds. This is not great, but I am back on my quest.

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  1. Oh yeah, yesterday’s compromised credit card was the one I use at the Waschsalon. I’m not suggesting that it was compromised there, but now I have to find another way to pay until a new card arrives. I might have to pay using cash, like an animal!

  2. Bonnie says:

    Spring Tune Up is in 3 months—yikes! (And also another birthday—yikes!) I really wanted to be able to ride better this year. I guess there’s still time to improve. I wish I had a trainer (not that I have anyplace to put one)—I don’t think the exercise bike in the gym will “train” me as well. Hopefully some warmer winter days will align with some of the days I have available to cycle…

  3. Steve says:

    It was 42 in the mancave for my 35 minutes of hard effort. I knew I just had to do it- I was not uncomfortable, but I was in tights and a hoodie as well.

    When I let the dogs out for their before bed pee, I called Lillie (the neighbors’ dog) but got no response. When I left this morning, she was curled up in the carport on some saddle pads. I took one she wasn’t using and covered her and she didn’t complain at all. Had she answered the call last night, she would have had a warm place in the laundry room. I hate that she doesn’t have a stable home, but we do what we can.


  4. Received notification that Flickr is raising its prices again. Though it may break all of the links I have in the blog, it might be time for me to cut expenses and drop this one since I don’t use most of the feature of Flickr any longer.

    Ham, what’s your take?

    • HamWithCam says:

      My take on flickr?
      Eventually….I fear the worst.
      Flickr goes under. Or is sold (again).
      Or both.

      I’ll (continue to) pay, at least near term, to preserve the umpty-11-thousand photos I have in a 14+ year archive.

      There is no real flickr alternative (at least for me)…Amazon (unlimited), etc.

      Moving even 1,000 photos to somewhere (online) seems daunting.

      73 de JG/HamWithCam

  5. Bonnie says:

    Oops I forgot to say *fist bump* Paulie—you can do it! (Try cutting out some bread—biscuits have no value! Maybe try what I do and usually only eat bread when dining out? Then perhaps you’ll appreciate it more when you do eat it? 🙂)

  6. barb says:

    since I’m not super busy today – trying to find a hotel in Barcelona for March.
    So much information to sift thru.
    Then – where’s the train station to get the high speed train to Girona.

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