I don’t belong in this country any longer; I just don’t fit in.

It was a good weekend away and when you read this I will most likely be driving back to Atlanta.

Life changes and medical appointment scheduling are on my agenda this week because I fear my future without them.

On the brighter side: good game last night, and a happy birthday to my brother!

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  1. Steve says:

    As I really didn’t have a dog in the fight, I wasn’t really watching the game closely. I was sorta rooting for KC, and Debbie for SF, so there’s that. The halftime was… elaborate? Busy? Overproduced?? Just too much!

    After passing out local Mexican restaurant twice Friday evening and seeing a crowd waiting for seats, we finally gave up and ate sushi. Saturday, despite the cold, I got 20 road miles in. Actually a bit warm by the end. Then a birthday gathering at Bear Creek for a fox hunting friend. Ummm.. birthday cake!

    Sunday was a bit of a slow start. Breakfast at HH followed by a scooter ride to Chattahoochee Bend SP. Looks like a nice destination bike ride some day. 40 miles or so one way. Reasonably flat to get there, then some monstrous hills once in the park.

    Travel safe, Paulie.


  2. Thanks. Stopped at a Waffle House. Had intended to skip the corporate breakfast and eat at the Blue Ribbon Diner, until I drove up the road to find it out of business.

  3. barb says:

    Iowa caucuses are today – might be an indication of what is to come.

    Saturday was a wasted day with a slight hangover, Allan slept most of it (zero sleep at the firehouse the night before). I watched a lot of TV.

    got some exercise Sunday- we walked to our friends place to water plants, then to Publix, then to Waffle House. About 5.5 miles. My Suunto watch won’t pair to the app, I’ll figure that out at some point.

    Good game to watch last night – Superbowl halftime was exactly what I expected with the 2 ladies – that is what they do. Not sure why everyone (on the interwebs) is so surprised by it. Commercials – some great, some good, some kind of stupid.

    • Bonnie says:

      I think my favorite was the Bill Murray Groundhog Day one (because a driving groundhog!). And the one with Toby from The Office was clever.

  4. Bonnie says:

    Friday was girls night at Firepit Pizza Tavern, Saturday I saw the musical “Once” and yesterday I ran my legs off and shot my heart rate through the roof at Black Sheep as to negate the crap I would eat during the Super Bowl. 😂 This week’s fun task is preparing for and attending my first property tax appeal hearing (Wednesday)! 😬

  5. barb says:

    I might, just might come ITP for Moonlight tonight.
    Weather might be too nice to not be out & about.
    I need the exercise – and its in Allan’s work ‘hood – maybe I’ll even stop & say hi to him.

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