Today’s real post is delayed for about an hour. I will update via comments.

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  1. Steve says:

    A bookmark??

    For some reason I had an awful day yesterday. Things weren’t happening like I planned. A problem I couldn’t solve at the office. Felt underappreciated and generally pissed on. Expressed my funk to Debbie, who made me feel better, then decided to ride. 5 minutes into the ride I broke a spoke. FFS! I quit.

    I feel much better this morning. My PC came up without a problem, I’ve already been able to solve somebody else’s problem and working on a plan to get my bike to my favorite mechanic. Barb, are y’all home Thursday evening? Maybe a visit to Tasty China??


  2. Stacy Fox says:

    Well last night’s Moonlite Hash was a total cluster. The epitome of why I don’t hash much anymore.

    Now I did have a lot of fun because I got to see our Barb here (it’d been too long – what, Thanksgiving??) and we had fun hanging out before the hash too at Georgia Beer Garden. Knowing the end and on request from Davey, I took a walking group on a completely different trail from either the Turkey or Eagle that had been laid (Davey did Turkey; Knight Stalker Eagle). We all had a good walk, complete with photo shoot on the Jackson Street Bridge!

    But daaaang the others. Apparently the Turkey/Eagle split was missed by everyone. The Turkeys ended up doing over 5 miles (when it should have been 3); the Eagles almost 9. WTH on a *Monday Night*?! Um, no thank you, not ever again. I remember when Mondays were nice trails — usually about 3-5 miles — just enough to get you into your work week instead of becoming exhausted for the rest of it. (oh yes, Sani had words for KS!) 😉 We also ended at a pretty expensive place that didn’t lean toward hanging out…. and when you’re waiting for 9-mile hashers to come in, it took a lot of hanging out. So yeah. I think I’ll stick to Saturdays and Sundays or the 3.5 mile SLUT hash on weekdays. I get some people have later schedules so staying out late on a “school night” is no biggie, but 4:30-5 comes too early for this girl!

    • Steve says:

      9 miles?? Marked? Or just went off on their own? That’s above and beyond a hash $hit. That could get somebody renamed!

      • Stacy Fox says:

        Marked. He went from downtown, out east to the Beltline, up north beyond Piedmont Park so some other park in order to use a tunnel (can’t remember which one), then back down around again to the end at Max Lager’s downtown. Only Oops and (oh shoot, who was the other one?) did that trail and lemmee tell you: they were NOT pleased when they got in.

        • Bonnie says:

          That would be Slim Prickens.

        • barb says:

          well – the hounds were warned at the start by more than 1 person to NOT do the Eagle trail – I of course would have insisted on knowing the end (if I was crazy enough to do that actual trail – just in case.)
          I had a good time – but as Stacy said, we did our own thing, so we were in control!
          and – my 1st photos on the Jackson Street Bridge, I feel like my ITP life has been improved!

    • Bonnie says:

      Don’t rule out Monday nights completely, just avoid KS trails!!

  3. So, why a placeholder? We had an All Hands meeting at “XYX Corp” that started at 8am. I read that as a high possibility that I may no longer be an employee. I was wrong. I must now start planning my priority list. Priority #1 is my health, because without a marked improvement my life will be drudgery.

    After getting home at 4:30pm and then putting stuff away, I was a major pile of poop for the rest of the evening.

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