I’ve nothing to say today. Sadly my life hasn’t been improved back to 100% overnight, so I will have to continue to fight my battles.

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5 Responses to 2020-02-05

  1. Steve says:

    Keep fighting! That’s the only way to get anywhere.

    A quick ride last night on the MTB (as it’s the only bike currently operable). A good ride, with a bonus of a 10mm wrench road find! There is a running joke throughout the BMW forums (and other places) that you can never find your 10mm when you need it. This is the second one I’ve found in the last 6 months.

    We’ve gotten in the habit of watching Jeopardy in the evenings lately and I have to say of late, there are some no so great contestants. Debbie and I would be cleaning their clocks!

    Barb, is Friday any better for a meetup? I may just take the wheel over to the local shop for the spoke replacement, but that doesn’t get us our TC fix.


  2. Bonnie says:

    I am addicted to my fitness watch. I just realized I never turned it on when I put it on. I am way more upset about this than I should be. 😂 But I’ve gone up and down the stairs like 10 times this morning! I’ve quarantined the husband with the supposed flu to the upstairs, so lots of up and down for me.

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