Last night I made a pretty decent mushroom risotto using Betsy’s Instant Pot. I will definitely will make this recipe again, perhaps halving it since I’m not sure risotto is great as a leftover; I’ll find out today.

Found out yesterday that The Hold Steady are returning to Atlanta, this time at Terminal West. I’ve seen the band at least four times, all with my buddy Mike, and was set to block the date off for the upcoming show. However, tickets are $41 plus fees, which is out of the range that I am willing to spend to see them again.

I’m quarantined today at the office, not because I am sick, but rather because I have to do an all-day training session that I missed earlier in the week. Who doesn’t love day-long corporate training that has nothing to do with your job? Oh boy!

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  1. Bonnie says:

    I saw The Hold Steady announcement last night and feel the same. Car Seat Headrest is also returning June 19 at the Tabernacle. Don’t know the pricing yet as the presale doesn’t start until 10am today I think. Assuming they’ll be on the pricier side…

  2. Bonnie says:

    Headed to the auto show today. When your cars are 19 and 20 years old respectively, it doesn’t hurt to keep oneself a bit educated on the current offerings. And, there’s something really cool that will be on display that some of you may see in my social media feeds later on… (Squeeee!!!)

    But first, must get in a cardio workout as tonight’s dinner will likely be pizza at Slice. 😋

    • Auto Show? I have a deal for you! Wouldn’t you like an internet-famous car that has been driven by a little old man to and from exciting places like North Carolina and Florida? It has one door ding, and a windshield with “character”.

      Also, might I suggest the cheesy breadsticks at Slice?


  3. Steve says:

    Car show? Hmmm… shame I’m wrapped up at a bike race starting tomorrow and running all weekend.

    Got all my officials stuff together. Had to replace batteries in both stopwatches and one has 6 tiny screws holding the back on. What a PITA. But it’s my favorite watch, so I’ll put up with it. And got word yesterday that the National Track calendar bids were still open until tomorrow. I had completely forgot and not put in for anything. Maybe sine I only got 1 national calendar road event, I’ll pick up a track event. One of my instructors from my Nat Comm class, and someone I’ve worked with on several occasions is currently in charge at Worlds in Berlin and will (hopefully) be in charge at the Olympics in Tokyo!! Go Noreen!!

    And I have a present for Service when I crash tonight at the garage mahal!


    • barb says:

      I won’t be home until 5:15-5:30, but I can give you the garage code.
      Or – you can go bother TJ & Mary -they will be home.

      Craziness for the end of the month – waiting to see how the Corona virus starts to affect our inbounds……… hasn’t happened yet, but I have a feeling soon enough it will

  4. On a virtual break…

    Thought Florida had healed my left ankle, sadly it did not. Also, I have a weird hotspot on the bottom of my right foot? Oh bother.

    And, I guess I should have bailed on the stock market in January. Dangen!

  5. Working lunch break?

    If you’ve ever eaten sticky rice at a Chinese restaurant you know how my lunch tastes. I don’t dislike it, but it needs another textural component.

  6. Colony Square appears to continue to be slipping construction schedules. The corner restaurant was supposed to open as an Italian restaurant in Spring 2019, when that deal feel through Noni’s was advertised to open in Spring 2020. When I looked out the window today that has been updated to Summer 2020.

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