Apparently I am attempting to perfect the slow rollout of bed this morning; it’s now 8am. I was awake a few hours ago and puttered around the house, but fell back asleep under the warm covers until a few moments ago.

I am contemplating popping into my old doctor’s office, no appointment necessary, and inquiring about how to rid myself of this annoying cough.

Tomorrow’s Leap Year Hash is on my agenda, if it’s on yours too take note that the start has been moved to the Sandy Springs MARTA station.

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6 Responses to 2020-02-28

  1. barb says:

    The start always was Sandy Springs Marta station – someone (named Sani) I think mis-typed it. Dumb BUF told me the start before he even told Sani.

    We plan to be there – since we have GSLY hash names – i even found where I had typed them in my phone.

  2. barb says:

    we are supposed to do these self assessment reviews – I log into the website – there is no edit button. I’m so tempted to just click submit………….

    Steve came over to spend the night last night so he didn’t have a 2 hour drive to the bike race this morning. We went across the street to TJ & Mary’s for some Skyline chili for dinner. (and since Allan was at the firehouse, we ever got him a to go box)

  3. Blood pressure normal,
    No fever,
    Strep test negative,
    Doctor thinks it’s still remnants of last week’s cold.

    Current waiting on a prescription to be filled, drinking an overpriced Starbucks drink as “breakfast”, and checking out all of the Target mommies.

  4. Finally in the office after doctor and Target visits. Prescriptions in hand, now to read when I am supposed to take them…

  5. Steve says:

    I’m cold and it’s raining. This wasnt in the forecast.


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