Oh hello Friday the 13th.

At the last minute yesterday the swim meet I was going to attend was canceled. Oh, the way things are going…

Instead of going to Georgia Tech I met up with the Raleigh Royalty at New Realm for a few hours.

My weekend plans are now in flux. Oh well, I guess I’ll try to make the best of everything.

My weekend plans for next weekend have just changed too. I just received an email alerting me that Goethe’s Frühlingsfest has been postponed.

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12 Responses to 2020-03-13

  1. Steve says:

    Good morning from FRB-Atlanta, Luthersville branch…

    I made a schedule for us to have a person at the office each day for the next 2 weeks, but with most everyone else working from home, it should be quiet. I’ll be in on Monday.

    Will be setting up my actual office here, rather than working out of the recliner. And while that’s not a bad thing, it’s tougher to actually work.

    Front tire mounted! Bought some real tire irons and that last bit was a pain but finally went on. Seated the bead (BANG!!) and the tire held pressure overnight. I was worried, as I had used a lot of pressure and soapy water to help it slide on and I could see bubbles.. only at high pressure, likely where I scratched the inside of the rim.

    Not sure I’ll tackle the rear- Cycle Goods (retail) will mount and balance, even though I bought from Revzilla (online). They have a secret handshake deal.

    Are the RR staying or heading back home?


  2. Barb says:

    Greetings from the 47th floor of Trump Tower. I was shocked when I found out my friend’s brother has a apartment/condo here. I was told, the price was right.
    He works for Carnival – so he’s in Miami freaking out I’m sure.
    The security is interesting as we come in the residential entrance. X-ray & search bags, and way too many people working (basically doing nothing).
    Even an elevator operator/escort. No numbers on the apt doors, so it was nice to have help. The sounds really carries up, you hear everything from the street.

    Spent the afternoon/evening walking around from Central Park to Times Square.
    Can’t get Delta to call back, considering just buying 1 way tickets home later today. They are cheap!

  3. ITP Lurker says:

    It was like End Times at Trader Joe’s yesterday. I managed to be standing in the right place at the right time to snag a bottle of hand sanitizer.

    I gassed up both cars last night because who knows what lies ahead. Gas at Glenwood Kroger was $2.10/gallon, which surprised me. It’s the end of the world as we know it, but at least the gas is cheap?

  4. Steve says:

    I still don’t understand the run on grocery stores. Panic because folks think they will be kept in their houses and not permitted out? Stores will close?

    • ITP Lurker says:

      I didn’t panic buy, but I did stock up on things I don’t want to run out of, particularly alcohol. If I’m gonna have to be quarantined, I don’t want to be sober for it. 😉

      Seriously, though, things are changing fast and incomprehensibly. Buying extra groceries and gassing up my cars feels like prudent steps against the unknowns that lie ahead.

      I really think all bets are off for a while.

  5. Barb says:

    At the World Trade Center Memorial.
    Eating lunch at Eataly.
    Heading back to get our stuff, then to LGA.
    Trump talking at 3pm is scaring us.

  6. Barb says:

    5pm flight booked. $113 not bad for booking 2 hours before the flight departs.
    Ready to be gone for the end of the world.

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