Stayed at home all day yet again. Hardest part of yesterday was waiting for my dough to proof (prove?). I’ll find out today how well it did.

I got in another trainer workout, and finished watching the Trans North Georgia series.

I planned for today to be an “out” day, with the thought of perhaps doing laundry (that’ll happen tomorrow morning instead, assuming the Waschsalon is open), and making Kroger and Target runs.

Target sent out an email stating that the first hour they are open hour for business should be for those who are elderly / susceptible to illness, because I don’t qualify (completely) for either category I’ll honor their request and go later.

The other day (yesterday?) Kroger sent out an email of amended store hours in some locations, Georgia was not mentioned. When I awoke at 6:15am I thought I could do the “socially responsible” thing and shop while few people are in the store. Driving through the thick fog added another layer to the feel of the End Days. Nope! When I walked up to the door I saw a paper sign informing me that the Glenwood Kroger is currently only open from 8:00am-9:00pm. I get it, but couldn’t they have put this change in the goddamn email? Perhaps I will try again later. Also, there were many cars in the parking lot leading me to believe the store was open. These couldn’t all be employee cars, could they? And if so, why are they all parked closest to the store? When I worked for Toys R Us we always had to park in the spots furthest away! Harumph!

Oh well, enough ranting for today…

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  1. Steve says:

    The over night shift can park wherever, as their cars will be moved when the store opens. Why didn’t they include the GA stores on the email is the curious thing.

    Already one reboot to get back online this morning. Thinking about asking for an actual hotspot rather than my iPhone to see if that works any better.

    Puttered with my brakes on the scooter again. Had bought some brake cleaner and hosed the left caliper down. Still dragging, so it may be what it will be. I managed to repair my air compressor. Bought some gasket material and cut out a new gasket for the one that blew the other week. Fairly easy to do.

    No word yet on Debbie’s interview. Hmmm…


    • Not surprised, Steve especially with all that is happening in the world these days. Be patient. Good luck to Debbie.

    • barb says:

      as long as this whole interview process has started, it doesn’t shock me they haven’t decided anything yet.
      I have good thoughts flowing her way.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I got nothing right now… 😕

  3. Crisis averted! I decided to shower and then go to the “other” Kroger, it was 8:02am when I arrived. Bought everything I needed, and a couple of things I didn’t. Since my oil stocks are completely in the shitter I topped off the tank with $1.88/gal gas to add to the mayhem.

  4. Going to be a warm day. My house is not ready for heat which requires air conditioning…

    And finally before I “clock in” for work… Goethe Institut is going to try virtual classrooms, this could be interesting? Or as they’d say in German, interessant.

  5. HamWithCam says:

    Pro Tip (for folks with cats):

    The cat litter “professional cat breeders” use is “Equine Pine Pellets” from Tractor Supply. I discovered this at the only cat show I ever attended.

    FORTY pounds for…..SIX DOLLARS ($5.99):


    Clean up is significantly easier, you simply pick out the “Tootsie Rolls”, then discard all the rest (so cheap no need to reuse). The liquid turns the pine pellets to a fine powder (which retains a pleasant smell) and so ….discard and start fresh. Forty pounds will last quite a while.

    Best of all, you have no dusty mess that can get tracked all over.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam
    Day #4, the struggle is real.

    • barb says:

      Ham –
      I just learned some interesting cat info, that I will never need to know…….(I have a slight cat allergy, so I will never have 1 as a pet – and I really don’t like the litter box idea)

    • Bonnie says:

      We used pine litter exclusively at the cat shelter I volunteered at in Memphis so I started using it when I adopted a cat from the shelter since I figured she was used to it. I loved it. She decided that she didn’t like the feel of the large pellets on her feet (I guess?) so I switched to wheat litter (Swheat Scoop) and have been using it ever since. It’s supposedly flushable but I gave that idea up when my plumber chastised me.

  6. Well shit. I just heard that the Black Sheep Table Rock campout has been canceled. DANGEN!

  7. barb says:

    We went for a walk last night (2 days in a row) and ate dinner on the deck – wow – it was a lovely weather evening.
    Crip & MC talked me into hosting H5 on my deck Friday night – MC is a fanatic about the 6 foot rule & no touching, so I told her, if they are daring, come on! its a BYOE event.
    Since we traveled & were in NYC, even with no symptoms, we figure we are the most likely to be “carriers” – if you want to come over, that’s all up to you.

  8. Just punched down and formed my rolls. It’s a good thing that I am not counting on using them as sandwich buns as I initially intended. I feel like a Great British Bake Off failure. 😂

  9. Steve says:

    Despite the appeal of seeing you and Allan, I think we will likely pass on the H5.

    Proof too long or not enough?

    • I don’t know. This is my very first attempt. The dough was really gooey, gooier than I would have expected. The rolls are in the oven now and are not rising. Poop!

      I bought more bread flour today, so I’ll try again next week.

  10. Steve says:

    Yeast or baking powder?

  11. Since the oven was already hot I am now making another attempt at pumpkin bread.

    Since the kitchen is now really warm the kitchen and den doors are now open.

  12. Today will not go down as one of my best days ever. Warm weather has arrived, and so have wasps near my carport hovering around the facia.

    Anyone recommend a good exterminator and carpenter for house repairs?

  13. barb says:

    I see why Paulie is bad at working from home – he is baking all day!!!

    I went to pick up a burger at a little place up the road -the place actually was fairly busy – 6 tables of people (more than when we had been there previously).
    I gave her $20 – my guess was the burger was $11 ish. She was so thrilled, she said she is so scared about the next few weeks. I really feel for all the restaurant & bar workers.

    • Yeah, baking and cooking. And, we all know the ITP Estate is not my “happy place” with all its problems.

      I have just called to see about getting a quote to fix roof and fascia, and hopefully eradicate wasps in the process. And, apparently my home security system needs to be updated (3G cell networks are going away), so I called to see about an appointment for that. Hell, if the financial world didn’t go in the shitter too I might have had the ability to get a lot of work done on the house, assuming I keep my job of course.

    • I have one more meal to make tonight and then it’s leftovers for tomorrow and most of the weekend!

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