I have to admit that this week, including today, has been incredibly stressful for me. Weirdly, very little of this stress is caused by COVID-19. This morning we received an email telling us that an employee of one of the other building tenants has tested positively for COVID-19, but the likelihood that I crossed paths with him/her is low, and I’ve not had any symptoms in the past two weeks.

Because most of the stress inducers are out of my control I fear that things are going to get worse for me before they get better, but I’m trying to keep a calm, collected mindset.

My workout yesterday got postponed, so this morning I went downstairs first thing and pushed myself hard on the trainer for 45 minutes; it felt good.

Hope all is going well in your world.

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  1. And while my odd looking loaf of bread was delicious, the potato curry with green beans that I made in the Instant Pot last night was almost perfect. I followed the cooking directions, and unfortunately some of my potato chunks disintegrated; still very edible however.

  2. Steve says:

    I think we are all struggling in one way or another. The lack of a clear view forward is disturbing to me. New normal and all that… I’m trying to remember to breath and just take it a day at a time.

    I’m frustrated by my poor internet connection and hope today will be better than yesterday. I was basically offline the entire afternoon, which makes it a bit hard to be productive.

    We took a little ride over to see a tree that has been down across a trail for some time.
    Debbie said it was too big for just me, but I reminded her of the very large tree I took out with just my little saw and plenty of determination. I think this afternoon I’ll be taking care of this one.

    Tasty truck stop Mexican for dinner last night. They have essentially erected a shower curtain to be socially distanced from their customers. Whatever works…


    • Agreed. The funny thing is that while I am not the most productive I’ve ever been I’m feeling comfortable working from home now. Go figure. Well, at least until it gets hot, which reminds me that I have calls to make…

      Debbie doesn’t think you can handle big wood? Huh. 🤷🏻‍♂️

      I may try to support the local businesses in the next couple of days, however, my meals are making so many leftovers that I feel compelled to eat them first.

  3. Listening to a Spotify playlist of piano music today in an attempt to sooth my nerves.

  4. Bonnie says:

    *Ghost hug* — you can’t feel it, but it’s there!

    I texted with a friend for 2 1/2 hours last night–whew that’s a lot of texting!! Normally I would’ve talked-to-text but circumstances didn’t permit that.

    Today I am going to get down to business and start knocking out some chores/projects! I woke up strangely optimistic / motivated today. We’ll see if that lasts beyond my morning coffee…. 🤣 I might as well get shit done now so that I can go out and play with a vengeance when the time comes. Or maybe I’ll get outside–THERE’S SUN!

    • Today through Sunday should be beautiful weather (wish we were all headed to Table Rock). I will get outside at some point, perhaps for a long solo bike ride.

    • barb says:

      That is a lot of texting.
      I’ve been trying to touch base with friends I know live alone – its gotta be harder. I like my 1 out of 3 days alone, but after that, its nice to have Allan around,
      JoAnna decided we needed to have a Zoom happy hour tonight – we are worried about Sal – she’s very freaked out about everything. So, I’ll be trendy for the 1st time ever – doing a Zoom happy hour.

    • Go get’em tiger! 😁

  5. barb says:

    We had to do something with 3 avocados last night – so we made guacamole. Also found some frozen tilapia & made fish tacos. We also have cheese dip, Allan had to go to Sam’s to get a prescription, so he found us a bunch of things we “needed”.
    (but no TP, we have plenty of that.)
    The one thing I’ve noticed we are running low on is garlic salt & seafood seasoning. I guess we will have to look at all those other spices we don’t use as often. I don’t plan to go back to the grocery store until we actually need something.

    • I’m low on garlic and the bulbs that I bought at Aldi are a little less than satisfactory. Oh well, I’ll make due with the myriad of spices in my cupboard. I shan’t go hungry with what I have on hand for at least a month. 😮

  6. barb says:

    OH – and the CoA decided to make Allan’s firehouse a temperature taking station after all, someone realized having 10 guys each shift go to another firehouse is pretty dumb. (most houses have 4 or 8 people at the most)
    He didn’t come back home, so I guess he is still good to work.

  7. I find my home office oddly comforting. I need to figure out a way to make the rest of my world like this room.

    I’m now sitting in an ugly, brown recliner that I “inherited” twenty-one years ago when I was the only one to claim it when my friends and I moved out of the house we shared. It was one of theirs before I moved into the house.

  8. Steve Brady says:

    There was a cardinal who was bound and determined to come into the living room this morning. After 5 minutes of banging against the glass, she went on her merry way. I told her to social distance, so maybe she finally understood.

    • Stacy says:

      A cardinal (especially if solo) is supposed to be representative of a loved one who has passed coming back to visit you. 🙂

  9. barb says:

    so my idiot brother decided to come home, with some girl – they stayed in the basement but I know at least he came upstairs to get into the fridge. I also know him, he did laundry. I told my mom to clean everything, but she really doesn’t get it -so I asked my other brother to go over & do it. These are the things that stress me out. My parents don’t really go anywhere, but………..

    • Bonnie says:

      Yeah my parents are in their 70s and still have to get out to go shopping, etc. My mom has a dermatology appointment today then she’s running errands. At least she’s very meticulous. My dad doesn’t leave the house but my high-risk step-mom does… Oh, did I mention my sister lives in the same area? Ugh.

  10. Not surprisingly I just received an email from the person who cuts my hair telling me her salon is closed until at least April 7th, thus no appointment for me next Tuesday. In anticipation of her reopening I have purchased a gift card from her that I can use over the next few visits. Such is life these days.

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