Hello Friends, welcome back to my channel.

April Fools! This isn’t YouTube!

Aaah, I’ve been watching too many YouTube videos…

Yesterday was another “rough” day, of which will become more prevalent due to situations (not related to “XYZ Corp”) that I’ve not made public, but have been dealing with regardless.

Yesterday I heard from the repair company that came out to the house last week. The tried to sell me new gutters and a new roof, and when I pushed back and told them all I wanted was for them to fix my soffit (fascia?) they handed me off to the contractor they hire for such work. The ball is back in my court.

Last night was my first German class of the quarter. We are doing it via Zoom, which makes what has become a difficult class for me even more difficult. Currently there are nine students registered for this class, but one of the new students is clearly better than we are so I won’t be surprised if she drops our class. It didn’t help that I was the only one without the textbook as I wait for mine to be delivered. With life changing all around “learning German”, which I can’t honestly say that I have been doing for over a year, may be one of the casualties. One thing I was strong at last night was Zoom lighting, damn I did everything in that realm well!

I was awake at 5:15am today and have already successfully baked a loaf of pumpkin bread (I may or may not have let it cooled completely prior to slicing off a hunk and eating it as my breakfast), replaced the shower curtain liner in my bathroom, and replaced my air conditioner’s filter. No fooling!

Hope all is going okay in your world.

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33 Responses to 2020-04-01

  1. Steve Brady says:

    I guess we dodged a bullet yesterday. I thought the weather service had just misread the storm, but apparently it really kicked a$$ north of us. I saw a number (20k I think) without power!! Took down some transmission lines, so that was big. The former JEFDSDR, which hardly ever lost power was dark. Big trees down in downtown Newnan. Holy crap.

    After the storm went through, my internet from the cell tower was not there. With a better perspective on a different tower from city hall, I was able to complete my day.

    Should have exercised last night, but took a nap instead!! Today, with no wind, a ride is certainly in my future.

    No April fools jokes please. Nothing seems funny at the moment.


    • Glad you were spared Steve.

      We had some strong wind that got me a little nervous. It reminded me that it was March, years ago now, when the tornado came through downtown/Cabbagetown.

      I rode the trainer yesterday afternoon, and will attempt to do so again today prior to having a virtual “Top Chef” meetup with Betsy tonight.

  2. Steve Brady says:

    1st reboot of the day. I might have caused it myself, when I went to reset a password on my admin account. The device got confused and disconnected. I’ll have to remember the other way.

  3. barb says:

    I spent an hour or so talking on zoom to some friends last night.
    It was funny -they all think I’m so advanced because I figured out now to add a virtual background.
    Delivered some oranges I received from a friend in FL to Mary & TJ (dropped them on the front doorstep) – I told Allan maybe he should call his mom & get a shopping list together.
    Pollen count is only 3000 today – maybe I’ll go outside & take a walk tonight.

    • You are more advanced than I am Barb, I’ve not fingered out virtual backgrounds yet.

      Ooh, perhaps I will walk instead of rising the trainer, depending on how my day goes.

      • Bonnie says:

        You guys are all more advanced than me, I’ve never even used Zoom!

      • barb says:

        biggest problem for me was finding good pictures to use as a background – my iPad doesn’t have pictures in the camera roll like my phone does. So – I searched the internet – I’ve got the grand canyon, a walking dead zombie one, some with wine glasses, and 1 real picture with Allan smiling, it makes us all laugh, its like he’s there too. I need to find some more.

      • Well, I first had to for work and now for German class. I’ve yet to use it for “fun” like virtual happy hour.

  4. Hmm, just heard from Amazon that my German textbooks are just now with the USPS? I hope they do a better job delivering them than they have with Vern’s postcard.

    I am also perplexed why in this day and age I was not able to buy them digitally.

    • ITP Lurker says:

      USPS hasn’t lost a package of mine yet, but I’ve had several pieces of regular mail, checks in fact, vanish into thin air. They showed up on the daily email like your post card, but never materialized. I wouldn’t hold out any hope for the postcard, unfortunately. It probably got stuck to someone else’s mail and went to the wrong house. I even had a few pieces of mail get returned for “bad address” even though they were from people that mail me regularly, and my address hasn’t changed in 16 years.

      I think they make money on shipping packages and lose money delivering regular mail, and so regular mail is starting to get short shrift.

    • When the postcard didn’t arrive yesterday I gave up hope. I have delivered a few mis-delivered items to neighbors but am not sure if the reverse has happened.

  5. Steve Brady says:

    Report from the former JEFDSDR is power only came back on at 09:00 this morning! And lots of folks still out.

    • barb says:

      it rained pretty good up here in Marietta, but not that bad.
      Glad people are getting their power back.

  6. HamWithCam says:

    This just in:
    The Atlanta Track Club has received 45,000+ entries for the Peachtree Road Race and intends to hold the race as scheduled, July 4th.

    I simply cannot see how, under the most optimistic of circumstances, this will be possible.

    73 de JG/HamWithCam
    25+ Peachtrees…

    • ITP Lurker says:

      Ay-yi-yi…I’ve run that race 22 or 23 times, and there is *NO* way I’d get in that scrum this year. No way. Sounds like wishful thinking to me. Depending which group you start in, there’s no way to stay hardly 6 inches from the next person, much less six feet.

    • Maybe people will have to do it on a treadmill in their own home? 🙄😀

    • I just saw that Wimbledon, held at the same time of year, has been canceled this year.

  7. Steve Brady says:

    In the word of that famous American commander, upon being asked for his surrender by the surrounding German forces:


  8. Think I will have to rethink tonight’s dinner plan because I don’t think the baguettes I currently have in the oven are going to be of any use. Perhaps they can be doorstops?

    My bread baking career is off to a dubious start… 😐

  9. barb says:

    just got an email from a big shot – a zoom meeting tomorrow – a group hug!
    what the hell – we never hear from these people, now they care about us?
    I’m at the office, not camera – WHOO HOO!

  10. ITP Lurker says:

    Fulton County issued a stay at home order today. Bonnie, good thing you went to Sweetwater Creek while you could. https://www.ajc.com/news/local/breaking-all-fulton-residents-ordered-stay-home-face-jail-fines-curb-covid/3VOC8b70p6eNElVt5OKzAI/

    • Saw that and now trying to decide if I should go to my normal Waschsalon tomorrow given that it’s an “essential business”. I suppose I could go to a laundromat in Dekalb.

    • Bonnie says:

      It still seems to me that that would be allowed as “outdoor activity, as long as people are six feet apart” is still allowed. That being said, I don’t think I will be choosing to go back to any parks or situations like that anytime soon…

      Also, Kemp is signing a statewide SIP order as well, as I’m sure you all are aware of or will be soon.

  11. Vern’s postcard arrived! Woo Hoo!

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