Yesterday was a much-needed day of guiltless pleasures. Yes, I did laundry, grocery shopping, and tax payment drop off, but I also took a wonderful nap and a nearly 90-minute solo walk.

My dinner last night was supposed to break my vegetarian streak, that was until I realized that the recipe I was going to follow was a Crockpot one, and not an Instant Pot one. Whoops! Instead I replayed Wednesday’s dinner by eating meatballs in sauce, cheese, and homemade French bread.

I have scheduled a company to come out and look at my air conditioner. Unfortunately due to the situation we are in the best time slot I could secure is on May 13th. It will never get hot before then, right. 🙄

Even though it’s not the first of a month, or even the beginning of a week, I am trying implement some “long game” changes by convincing myself that if I can chip away at some of the things that I want to accomplish, I’ll eventually get them done. Well, at least in theory…

I am “back to work” today, having to get back in the mood to finish off the week!

Have a good weekend. Stay sane. Wash your hands. Be nice to the one or two people with whom you interact today.

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  1. I am a bit aggravated that I still have no idea when my German textbook will arrive. The USPS tracking system provides no useful information. I am supposed to be doing homework this weekend in preparation for next Tuesday’s class. Apparently I am the class dunce since all other students already possess their books. 😡

  2. This weekend I am going to re-tackle cleaning/organizing/decluttering. Eventually this is going to make a difference.

  3. barb says:

    Allan’s birthday dinner was some nice filets cooked on the Egg, mashed potatoes, and since the asparagus was looking iffy, so some canned corn.
    Allan’s Dad had gone over to Bruesters – so we got the pricy quart ice cream for dessert to go with the brownies I had baked. And a nice “old” bottle of wine – I love tracking the drink by dates now that I found a website that has those. It was still super tasty.

    • The things I don’t know not being on the Facebooks… Yesterday was also the eleventh (?) birthday of the youngest member of the Raleigh Royalty.

      Happy Belated Birthday to both!

      Speaking of the Raleigh Royalty, who seem to be doing well, I heard via text message that they christened their Solo Stove firepit. Gee, I wonder where they heard about those, the Black Sheep Hash perhaps? LOL

      That sounds like an interesting website Barb, what is it? Although I must admit that I may be afraid to see how far past the “Drink By” date most of my wines are. See Also: most things in my pantry and medicine cabinet. I’m sure I’ve horrified Bonnie more than once by showing her some of the “Best By” dates I’ve seen. 😀

  4. Is it wrong that I am loving being socially distanced? Seriously. If I could figure out a way to have affordable health care I’d do this forever! It’s as if I were born to be alone!

    • Bonnie says:

      I’m going to try not to take offense to this statement. 😢

    • Take no offense, I truly love hanging out with you. :*

      It’s just I’ve only been able to hang out with you twice in two weeks which seems incredulous since the last time this happened you were in Europe on vacation!

  5. Does anyone know if Stone Mountain is closed? I assume it is. The reason I ask is that I may attempt a long bike ride this weekend and my route would normally take me around the park. I guess I could always alter my route to stay on roads, or shorten it since I am not in my ideal physical condition any longer.

    • Bonnie says:

      I’m pretty sure the trails are open—just the attractions like the gondola are closed. Friends have been hiking there. And I just looked at the website.

  6. Okay, I think this is funny.

    M. Ward released a new album today and I was listening to it on Spotify. It’s good if you like his music. Anyway, I just went back to Spotify and realized that I was also halfway through playing his last album and had no idea that I had transitioned from one to another. #consistency?

  7. Bonnie says:

    Some of you hasher types know “Cock Tower” who currently lives in Florida for career training. He texted me last night and he is doing well. 🙂

  8. Yesterday I was going to take a chance and order a $229 “shitkicker” bike from Woot.com. My intent was that it’s something I could ride to a store and not feel concerned about someone stealing. I waited too long, they are sold out. I snoozed and losed, okay, lost. 🙁

  9. Trying to devise a meal plan for this weekend and beyond using the nearly-fully-stocked pantry I now have available to me.

    Also trying to figure out why my old iPad Air 2 just rebooted. Upon restart it told me to plug it in, but when I forced it past that it reports the battery is at 41%. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. Steve says:

    ‘Morning all. I was #1 in line at the Kroger this morning. Well, #2 but got a hole shot in the doorway. First stop TP, and the was much rejoicing. A half hour later, there still appeared to be some stock, but not much. All on my list was available, though I had to buy Yeungling in CANS! Ugh. I was gloved and had my neck gator mask that was up and down as warranted.

    The bank has decided “we” will go to an on call basis, meaning if something is really broke, we go in. Otherwise it can wait. That bothers me a bit, but I’ll survive.

    Glad to see the guv’na allows exercise on his lockdown. Now to convince I need to exercise my motorcycle.

    Glad it was a nice evening for Allan’s birthday dinner.

    Wash your hands


  11. Yowsa! I just ate some of the “Sweet and Hot” pickle chips that I purchased yesterday and my mouth is tingling!

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