I ate meat for a second consecutive day, I might as well have a doughnut today, right?

Waschsalon und Krispy Kreme.

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Broke the vegetarian string last night.

Thanks to some circumstances beyond my control (at least to some degree) I have a whole lot of life reorganization ahead of me. Frustrating…

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Interesting weather day yesterday.

Although a handful of hashers decided to run in the rain and lightning the “smarter” of us carpooled to the beer stop, and then hashed the re-laid second half of trail. I want to let my chest pains kill me, not get struck down by lighting. To our credit, Glory Mole and I did walk the approximate 1.5 miles from the end back to the beer stop where her car was parked.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 213.8 pounds (-0.4 from last week’s weigh- in). Meh

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I had a really good weekend – lacrosse was fun on Friday night, on Saturday I did some city-biking with Bonnie over to Avondale Estates for the Frühlingsfest and then to Georgia Beer Garden, and yesterday some of the readers of this space and I rode on the Silver Comet Trail. A really good weekend.

Still fighting some health issues, and due to his popularity I won’t get to see Ham’s doctor until April 19th. Dangen.

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Awake early… I have already watched a rugby match live from Australia, and am now at work (admittedly from home). Hope to be more productive today than I was yesterday, before joining Bonnie for a fun night of lacrosse (🥍).

Bike Riders: where and when on Sunday?

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Starting my day at Home grown for breakfast.

After breakfast I need to drive to Decatur to settle my income taxes, and then make the trek to work.

Will be spending the night at home, hopefully incorporating cooking, exercise, and learning some Swift.

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Another slow moving day… Must be the cold mornings.

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Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 214.2 pounds (+2.6 from last week’s weigh-in)


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Interesting weekend, time to get back on the fitness horse.

Guitar legend Dick Dale passed away over the weekend. Happy to say that I was able to see him perform a few times at The EARL; knew I should have made an effort to see him again when he was here last year.

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From “Pi Day” to the “Ides of March”…

Skipping out of work early today to join the Raleigh Royalty at a swim meet being held at Georgia Tech this weekend. Hoping the rain clears out so that I can get some exercise by walking to the arena, if not I may catch a Lyft ride since I’ve yet to commit to rising a scooter.

Hope you all have a grand St Patrick’s Day weekend.

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