Two cold nights.
Two huge campfires.
Two pairs of melted shoes (not both mine…).
Two hard trails.
Too much beer.
Too much food.
A wonderful end to the weekend with a take home dinner from SoBa.
And a new problem with the M6…

In addition to the (anticipated) alarming from the TPMS again, the “Ignition Immobilization” light came on some time during the weekend. The owners manual says this light comes on when the car no longer recognizes the key and goes off when the car is started and stopped using the proper key. What? Thankfully my fear that I wouldn’t be able to drive home did not come to fruition, though I do need to find out what the hell is going on with this. Who knows, perhaps the car I bought to drive for five years might not even make it to its fourth anniversary.

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A little rain last night and today may dampen the campground, but it won’t dampen my spirit. Oh, and it’s getting cold this weekend and staying cold next week? Hope the ITP Estate’s heater still works…

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I’ll give my effort for dinner making last night a six out of ten. In replaying my construction of the sweet potato soup I realized that I added too much canned tomatoes with their juice, which may have accounted for the over-watery consistency of the soup; to me it felt as if I were eating a bowl of pico de gallo. If/When I have another go at this I will definitely cut back on the tomatoes and have a stick blender ready to thicken up the finished product.

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Meh, going to try and make myself happier today.

Tonight I will attempt either this beefless stew or this sweet potato tortilla soup, both Instant Pot meals, for dinner.

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Election Day, if not done already then do it today!

After some nerve-wracking moments of trail laying, like having men pressure washing the path on which you intend to drop flour working until nearly 6:00pm, fifteen(?) hounds made it to the smoky end, Mr C’s. Though a touch chilly the weather allowed us to sit outside. Those who made it to the end got to spend time with these two fantastic hares, and scored a one-time-only giveaway to commemorate Glory Mole’s first haring.

Glory Mole and Wee Little Bit

The image on the koozie is that of “Anonymous” and is associated with Guy Fawkes Day.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 209.0 pounds (-0.8 pounds from last week’s weigh-in).

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Another disappointing sports in which all my favorite sports teams lost. And this may have been the weekend that finally pushed me to consider spending a shit-Tom of money to have my house repaired.

But, none of that matters because today is Guy Fawkes Day and tonight I will help Glory Mole lay her first trail!

Helping “Glory Mole” Lay Her First Hash Trail

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About the only positives I can take away from yesterday are eating delicious leftovers for dinner, and watching the movie/documentary Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist from 2014. I whiled away the rest of the evening on the couch, recovering from a wild Halloween. 😉

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Wild night of candy handing out at Bonnie’s house last night. The kids just kept coming until we had to shut down the shop due to running out of candy. 😱

Here is my October summary:

October 2018

10/01 – ?, V, hashing
10/02 – 211.2, V, jogging/walking (58:37, 4.16 miles) [left pinky toe pain]
10/03 – ?, V, nothing
10/04 – ?, M, nothing
10/05 – ?, V, nothing
10/06 – ?, V, cleaning
10/07 – ?, V, hashing
10/08 – ?, V, walking, hashing
10/09 – 206.6, V, nothing
10/10 – ?, V, nothing
10/11 – ?, V, nothing
10/12 – ?, M, walking
10/13 – ?, V, cycling
10/14 – ?, M, nothing
10/15 – ?, V, nothing (colonoscopy)
10/16 – 204.8, V, walking
10/17 – ?, V, nothing
10/18 – ?, V, walking
10/19 – ?, M, walking
10/20 – ?, V, walking
10/21 – ?, M, walking
10/22 – ?, V, walking
10/23 – 209.2, V, nothing
10/24 – ?, M, walking/jogging
10/25 – ?, V, nothing
10/26 – ?, V, nothing
10/27 – ?, V, nothing
10/28 – ?, V, hashing
10/29 – ?, M, hashing
10/30 – 209.8, V, walking
10/31 – ?, M, nothing

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I received a new doppelgänger reference last night. When I was younger people used to tell me that I looked like Christopher Reeve. Last night I was told I resembled Jürgen Klopp, former German soccer player and manager, and current manager of the Liverpool club. I guess it’s a 50+ white man thing… 😉

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“Interesting” Moonlite hash last night, comprised of some seemingly ill-advised use of private property. I’m actually a little surprised we weren’t visited by Sandy Springs’s Finest… My Apple Watch recorded 1.6 miles, I have to believe it was longer than that.

I had to retire one of my oldest pair of wool socks last night because one ripped cleanly at the heal when I pulled it on my foot while changing in the car. Good thing I had a spare pair of “running” socks in my gym bag.

Tuesday Tale of the Tape: 209.8 pounds (+0.6 from last week’s weigh-in); given the amount of pork I crammed into my mouth last night I am surprised I am not heavier.

Announcement: My goal is to be sub-200 pounds by January 1st. I am going to attempt to exercise almost every day starting November 1, and will be wiser about the amount of food I consume.

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